10 things all women go through in the final moments of pregnancy

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10 things all women know about giving birth

Following up after the success of our 12 things that happen after childbirth post, we decided to bring you the all too familiar 10 things that all women experience when they are about to give birth to their little baby. We’re all in the same boat!

1. Your ‘due date’ is more of a window of time, even though we sometimes wish it was set in stone!

2. When baby is taking a little longer than you’d like to arrive, you will literally try anything to induce labour! Just some of the things pregnant women try to induce labour are eating spicy food, dancing, having sex, walking endlessly, climbing stairs and drinking castor oil, caster oil really???

3. Healthy snacks become less and less appealing as we approach our due date. Someone please, just pass us a Dominos!

4. Every single twinge or cramp you feel in those last few weeks will automatically in your head be the baby announcing that they’re finally on their way, but a lot of the time can just be the second helping of dinner you ate. False alarm!

5. Counting and measuring the time of contractions isn’t actually that easy when you’re bent over in pain!

6. Those horror stories of pooping while giving birth that you were afraid of before will be the very last on your list of thoughts when you’re giving life to a little person!

7. You’ll definitely swear at everyone in the delivery room. Including the person supplying you with the pain relief who was your best friend five minutes ago. It’s excusable, you’re pushing out a person. #sorrynotsorry

8. ‘Rusty pipe syndrome’ or seeing blood in your breast milk can be really freaky, but it’s nothing to worry about as it’s a common occurrence in all first time breastfeeding mums and doesn’t harm baby.

9. Having a lengthy labour after nine months of growing a baby inside you can be testing at best. We just want to meet you already little one!

10. All the baby and pregnancy books in the world will never be able to prepare you for that moment when you first hold your baby in your arms and everything else in the world just blurs around you

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Originally posted 2015-09-01 10:11:02.