10 struggles of having a Threenager in the house

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10 struggles of having a Threenager in the house

Parenting three year olds can be a very eye opening experience…. We think the terrible twos were a walk in comparison to the wrath of a threenager.

Terrorist Threes
Terrorist Threes
The list

1). They suddenly have a lot of opinions. A lot. About nearly everything. Except maybe the Middle East.

2). If you dare serve their food in a slightly different way, or in a different colour bowl, you can just forget about it. They’re not eating that.

3). They are not the best with processing their feelings of disappointment. (Biggest understatement of the century).

4). The ask so many questions…Why? Why? Why? Mom? Dad? Why? But why?

5). They might even begin to get sassy with you. They say things like “Are you kidding me?”

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6). They have no filter. “Mom your breath stinks”. “Dad you have a fat belly”.

7). Saying “It’s time to go” triggers a meltdown of apocalyptic scale.

8). Bedtime is just so one year ago… now they’ll do anything to avoid it.

9). They will say they are tired when you ask them to do anything. It’s like magic. (But bedtimes are still a no no).

10). They are so stubborn. “I’ll do it myself”. They also simultaneously expect you to do everything for them. It’s an odd pairing that they seem to have perfected.

Either way, we love them all endlessly. Most of the time.

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