The 10 strangest reasons why children won’t go to bed

As parents, we’ve heard all the excuses in the book for our children not wanting to go to bed but some are a little more imaginative than others. Online retailer Time4Sleep has conducted a poll to find out the most common reasons little ones do their very best stall the inevitable; bedtime!

From the top five genuine reasons why children refuse to go to bed, to the little more imaginative excuses that drive you round the bend as you search for ‘monsters’ or other creatures of their choice in every nook and cranny in your house for an hour every night.

Which excuse is most popular in your house?

Underwater creatures

‘There’s a mermaid under my bed.’ Not only is this one impossible (unless you are on a boat, then the child wins for ingenuity) but one has to wonder why they child is afraid of Ariel?

Talking clock

‘I need to stay up until midnight because the clock told me so.’ A little worrying, but probably influenced by our friends at animation house Disney, where talking clocks, candeabras and wardrobes are the norm. Alogn with other fabulous magic, of course!

Invention of new creatures

‘A banana spider was going to come through my window!’ We’re not sure where this one came from (what even is a banana spider?). If it’s true then we have more things to worry about than our child getting to sleep. (Are they in the bananas?!)

In that order…

‘I need to eat toast in the bath first.’ You couldn’t have told us that while you were having your bath?

So, you’re not away with them then?

‘The fairies were in my bed.’ Surley that’s a good thing! They were probably sprinkling fairy dust on your sheets and pillow to give you good dreams.

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In your room or in outer space?

‘I’m looking for aliens.’ You can look kiddo, but unless you’ve got the Hubble hidden under your bed somewhere, then we won’t be getting anywhere fast!

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This could take a while…

‘I have to grow a tree.’ We’re ‘stumped’ with this one (geddit?!)! Not only will this take years, but how do we persuade the young one not to do it so we can all get some sleep?!

When you’re teddies don’t want you…

‘My teddies don’t want me in bed!’ I mean, is it wrong to be angry at the teddies for excluding your child? I think it’s time for some mediation and discussion between teddies and child.

They have eyes, but never blink

‘My cuddly toys keep looking at me.’ TBH this one would keep me up too. Those never-blinking black eyes. Even worse if one is falling off. *Gives me the creeps*

If ever there were a reason for outdoor play

‘My legs aren’t tired.’ We know the cure for that one tomorrow kiddo! Laps around the garden! Woo hoo!

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Top 5 reasons why kids won’t go to bed according to Time4Sleep survey

1.    Needing the toilet and being hungry (29%)
2.    Too scared (28%)
3.    Wanting to stay up and play (8%)
4.    Too bright or dark in the bedroom (7%)
5.    Not feeling tired (7%)


What’s the craziest excuse that you’ve heard?

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