10 signs your baby loves you

baby talk, effects of baby talk on babies

baby talk, effects of baby talk on babies

We love them endlessly, and we constantly tell them that as well. However most of our little tots haven’t mastered the art of speech yet… but they do tell us they love us in different ways.

Eye contact

You know those moments when baby gazes deep into your eyes? That’s a sign they like you, and are trying to get to know you even better.

Turning toward you

Did you know that babies can hear sounds as early as 20 weeks into pregnancy? And unborn babies’ heart rates slow when they hear their mothers talking? Even before birth, your voice is a comfortable, soothing sound for your child. That is why your baby turns toward you when you speak.

Opening their mouths

Your baby thinks you smell amazing – well mostly your breast milk! Numerous research studies have shown that babies can identify their mothers by the smell of their breast milk alone.

Melting in your arms

You have a unique ability to comfort your baby. And while you might not always be able to tell that your baby prefers to hear, smell and see you, you can certainly feel the way your baby relaxes in your arms when you hold them.

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Smiles, of course! No, it’s not just gas! Somewhere between six weeks and three months, baby will look at you and flash a full-on smile.

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Baby talk

Cooing and babbling. When your baby interacts verbally with you and develops their speaking skills by listening to you and copying your words, they are showing just how much they love you.

Lighting up

“Lighting up” when you enter the room. By six months or so, babies are perfectly capable of telling the difference between nice people and the best, most wonderful people on the planet (you and your partner).


Laughing. Obviously.

Separation anxiety

This one isn’t so fun. It is tough to leave your baby with someone else and hear those cries, but know that that just proves how much they love you.

Checking in

Older babies are built to explore. Once baby begins to crawl, they will probably seem to be everywhere at once! But have you noticed how frequently they return to your side? That is love.

Can you feel the love?


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