10 reasons why your mum is your best friend

This Sunday is an extra special day for mums – a time when your kids show their appreciation for you, you show your appreciation for your mum and all mums take a well-deserved day off.

There’s no one quite like your mum – and if you’re lucky enough to still have your mum around and involved in your life, you should be treasuring every special time together. Here’s why your mum has been, and always will be, your very best friend.

She’s your number one fan

Even after all your tantrums, bad boyfriends, cat fighting friends and everything else you put your mum through in your teenage years, she still thinks you are the greatest person that ever walked the earth. In your mum’s eyes you can do no wrong.

You want to tell her everything

Your mum is the first person you call after a date or job interview, when picking the right dress, looking for directions, wondering how to wash clothes correctly or which way is best to cook – anything else in your day that you are not quite sure of, mum will always know and if she doesn’t she will find out for you.

She has your back

No matter what, your mum always has your back even if she knows you are in the wrong, she’ll wait until you are in private before she gives out to you – and then you’ll feel veeeery guilty indeed!

Her wisdom knows no boundaries

Your mum always has the best advice, simply because she wants what’s best for you – nothing less than that.

She’s not afraid to tell it to you straight

Even though she loves you more than life itself, she sometimes has to be straight and tell you some home truths but looking back you can always see the method to her forwardness. She hates having to do that, but you know she’s right and she has your best interests at heart.

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She’s with you every step of the way

If and when you have kids, your mum is with you every step of the way. In fact, going through pregnancy and childbirth brings you closer together, simply because she’s been through it too.

She’s still the better cook

Inevitably we think our mums are the best cooks. Even if her idea of pizza is a soggy piece of sliced pan with tomato sauce and an Easi Single on top, it’s what we’re used to and it reminds us of home.

She’d do anything for you

Having your own kids makes you realise exactly how much your own mum cares for you, simply because you care that much for your kids. You know now that your mum would walk over hot coals for you – because you’d do the same for your kids.

You’re more and more like her everyday

You can see every day that you’re turning more and more into your mum – and you know what? You’re perfectly happy with that. More than happy in fact.

She will always be there

You’re pretty sure that when all is said and done, even if everyone else has gone, your mum will be there. And always will be.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you fab mums!

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Originally posted 2018-03-05 15:30:51.