3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brush? Mums are always focusing on keeping life clean and bacteria-free for their children. In fact, mums usually pay so much attention to their children, they end up neglecting their own needs.

With a build up of oils, dead skin cells and bacteria, it’s essential to clean brushes at least once a week. Some dermatologists even recommend daily. If once a day is not a possibility (we know, it’s probably out of the question), spot cleaning between uses until you have time to deep cleanse will do.

Instead of buying expensive cleansers, try these solutions with items found at home.

Olive Oil

This may not sound true, but olive oil is healthy for our skin and doesn’t clog pores. It serves as a gentle cleanser for makeup brushes, while helping condition natural bristles. Simply pour the oil onto the surface of a clean sponge and swirl the brushes until they’re fully coated. Swirl until all the residue is transferred, and rinse under hot water.

Tea Tree Oil

Add tea tree oil to any baby shampoo for an antiseptic brush cleanse. Mario Dedivanovic, celebrity makeup artist, rinses his bristles under warm water before cleaning them with the mixture. He washes off the cleanser, kindly squeezes the excess water and lays the brushes out flat on a towel to dry.

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Coconut Oil

That’s right, the seemingly endless list of uses associated with coconut oil just got a little longer. This panacea can be used to clean makeup brushes. Like tea tree oil, coconut oil has antiseptic properties. Microwave a spoonful of oil for thirty seconds so give it a liquid consistency and swirl the brush well enough to coat every bristle. Then, swirl on a paper towel to blot out any excess dirt or oil. Finally, rinse the bristles under warm water and set to dry.

No more excuses for dirty brushes ladies. Remember to reshape the brushes after each cleanse. Avoid getting water into the barrels, this can loosen the glue. Always lay brushes flat on a towel for drying, if possible at a downward angle. These solutions are budget friendly and simple enough to be used at least weekly!

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Originally posted 2016-06-16 11:33:56.