How to get your child into primary school

Each primary or national school has its own enrolment policy. For a list of primary schools in your area click here ( You can send your child to the school of your choice in your catchment area. The catchment area is the residential area the school caters for, a list of a school’s catchment area is is usually listed on their website or alternatively it will be available from the school.

If it is a case that there is not enough places to cater for all applications, the school must give priority on the basis of their enrolment policy which is agreed by the school’s board of management and should be available on request. While most primary schools are able to offer a place to all children who enrol, there is still no guarantee of a place in your local primary school.

Once you have decided which school you would like to send your child to, you should contact the school to find out about their enrolment policy. It would be advisable to do this from around three as some schools enrolment policy is to put a child’s name on a list of pupils who want to attend the school at the beginning of the school year. The quicker you find out the enrolment policy the better as there may be certain dates for you to remember, such as a day of enrolment.

Primary education sector includes state-funded primary schoold, special schools and private primary schools. Types of state funded primary schools available –

  • Religous schools such as Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland, Muslim, etc
  • Gaelscoileanna (schools that use the Irish language to teach all of the curriculum)
  • Vocational Educational Schools
  • Multi-denominational schools
  • Non-denominational schools


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