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It’s time for big school but how do you get your child into a primary school? What should you consider when picking a primary school for your child? We’ve got it all covered right here.


Latest 5+ Years Posts

How to deal with the dreaded clock change…

For many people, the clock change heralds the start of the summer – and therefore is something to be welcomed. But for parents of children with delicate sleep patterns, the loss of an hour can result in chaos at nighttime for weeks. Our resident sleep expert, Lucy Wolfe, has some great advice on how to […]

Should your child be allowed an iPad or tablet?

It’s a controversial topic – but there’s no doubting that the use of iPads and tablets among children, along with other electronic devices, has rapidly increased over the past number of years. While there are definitely benefits of age-appropriate technology, there have been many studies linking overuse of technology and too much screentime with bad sleep, […]

Tips for Bathtime

Baths can be a great way for your little one to wind down from the day but what if your once angelic baby takes against the bath and throws tantrums instead of relaxing? Try these tips for making bathtime more fun and relaxing for everyone. Mix up the routine If bathtime is usually followed by […]

Reasons to read with our toddlers for World Book Day 2017!

For World Book Day 2017, we’ve gone through the reasons why it’s important to read to your toddlers. From fairy tales to action adventures there are books out there that cater to every child’s interests! What book are you reading today? Building relationships Reading a story book with your child is one of the key […]

What to read for World Book Day 2017

Today is World Book Day and we couldn’t be more excited to share some of our favourite books of the season with you! Reviewed by Maternity & Infant editor Penny Gray with her kids Ellie (6) and Danny (4). Age: 5+ Classic Nursery Rhymes Illustrated by Dorothy M Wheeler; foreword by Chris Riddell (Bloomsbury) I’ll […]

When children prefer free play to toys

How many parents despair on Christmas day when their children prefer a cardboard box over their new (maybe pricey) toys? Or when children are surrounded by colourful, stimulating games and proclaim to be bored? Ever wonder why that is? The truth is that children’s imaginations thrive on a blank canvas. Using cardboard boxes, or regular rooms in the house or […]

Signs to watch out for if you think your child needs glasses

Many children’s vision problems can go undetected until later stages in their childhood. If you notice your child doing any of the following while playing, then it could be a sign that they need glasses. Squinting When we squint, our vision is temporarily improved by narrowing the size of the image cast to the back […]

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