3-4 Years

Your little miss or mr independence is ready to start pre-school, as a parent you may feel like they’re flying flock already but don’t worry you’ll be needed just as much. Find out all about free early childhood care. Plus, delicious toddler recipes from our resident baby & toddler nutrition expert, Annabel Karmel.


Latest 3-4 Years Posts

Signs your child is being bullied (or is a bully)

No parent wants to imagine that their child is being bullied or even worse, that their child IS a bully. Yet, among adolescents and children, the phenomenon of bullying is widespread across the nation. The effects of bullying are undeniably harmful, typically leading to long-term repercussions that last well into adulthood. However, learning how to recognise […]

Fun picnic and small plate ideas with Organix

We’ve teamed up with super organic food company Organix to give you some simple, fun (and vitamin filled) recipes that will delight the kids this week. Why not try one of our ideas below and show us a picture of your plates in the comments! Organix thrives on making great tasting food for babies, toddlers […]

Telling tales… this seasons book reviews

We love a good story here at maternity & infant, so we’ve taken this season’s newest titles and had them reviewed by our panel of experts; Penny our illustrious editor (mum), Danny (6), and Ellie (4)! 3+ Poppy and the Blooms By Fiona Woodcock (Simon and Schuster) Following on from her beautiful debut children’s book, […]

RECIPE: Super quick sugar free snacks for kids

Kids are always running around it seems, and all that running around keeps them snacking. While handing them a cereal bar is the easiest option when they need something high energy quick, they can often be chock-full of sugar. We’ve come up with some sugarless options for your kids for the times when they need […]

4 reasons why we’re happy schools are back this week

Going back to school after three months of summer can be quite to change up for both kids and their parents. Lie ins (if you’ve ever got one!) are well and truly over and school brings with it responsibilities, extra curricular activities, and homework. But it’s not all bad, we promise! In fact, there are […]

All you need to know about conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is a very common and treatable inflammation of the conjunctiva, the transparent membrane that lines the inside of the eyelids and the whites of the eyes. This inflammation can be caused by an infection, an allergen, or some other irritant. Is it contagious? It’s very contagious and infective conjunctivitis […]

Helping your toddler’s literacy

While we all know that reading is beneficial to a child’s academic development, it can be difficult to know where or when to begin. Even if you’re not an avid reader yourself, there are ways you can encourage the habit in your little one. If you want some tips on helping your toddler’s literacy, read […]

Transitioning your child from creche to ‘big school’

As school time rolls again around a lot of parents are faced with transitioning their toddler from creche to big school. This can be an anxious time for both parent and child but thankfully, time at creche can be a useful stepping stone, often teaching valuable social skills and independence, away from the home. However, […]

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