3-4 Years

Your little miss or mr independence is ready to start pre-school, as a parent you may feel like they’re flying flock already but don’t worry you’ll be needed just as much. Find out all about free early childhood care. Plus, delicious toddler recipes from our resident baby & toddler nutrition expert, Annabel Karmel.


Latest 3-4 Years Posts

All you need to know about wetting the bed

Contrary to conditions like asthma or allergies, bed wetting is rarely talked about outside of the family home. And although parents may feel like their child is the anomaly for wetting the bed, it is actually very common for children to go through this stage at some point in their lives. Even if they have been potty […]

For single parents coming up to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day can be a nice time for the family to do something special together. But not every child has both a mother and a father present in their lives. This can be a difficult time in school or crèche when they’re making cards or gifts to bring home to their mum or dad, […]

When you think your child is finished with nap time

Nap time is sacred in some people’s houses. From signs on the door warning visitors to avoid the doorbell, parents will stop at nothing to disturb the little bit of peace they get while their child naps. It’s a beautiful time, where parents across the world breathe a little easier as they fold the laundry, or eat […]

It’s Family Week at Temple Street!

Today, is the launch of Family Week at Temple Street Children’s Hospital. It celebrates the love and bravery of the 145,000 families who walk through the doors of the hospital every year. Super Lucy McCool’s story Super hero Lucy McCool along with her mum Fiona, dad Fergus and sister Anna are just one of the families who […]

Living with allergies

Dealing with allergies in children can be challenging for parents. Writing for Maternity & Infant magazine, Arlene Harris talks about her own personal experience as a mum and chats to the experts about what to do. I have always been thankful for my three strapping sons. Apart from little bit of asthma, eczema and a few […]

What you need to know about raising boys

We do love our boys but they can be hard work sometimes! Do you relate to any of these items in our ABC of raising boys? It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it! A – Aim for the toilet bowl, they make them wide enough! B – Balls are for outside, the […]

World Meningitis Day: Know the signs

It’s World Meningitis Day once again, and a fitting time for us to remind ourselves of the symptoms of this deadly disease. Anyone can contract meningitis, but children and adolescents are most at risk. Knowing the signs and symptoms, and seeking medical help immediately, can be lifesaving so make sure you’re up to speed today. […]

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