Toilet training

Toilet training isn’t easy. It is much more exhausting than we expect. There is no certain rule or some kind of magic trick that works at a certain age or with every child. These are tips to guide a parent through potty training, which might work for your child.

Patience is the key:

Make sure your child is ready to be toilet trained. Keep in mind that even if your child is showing interest, it might take weeks, sometimes even months until a child learns how to use the potty. Pressuring your child will turn your own world into one giant ball of pain. What you have to understand is that some children are going to get the hang of potty training very fast, but for others it might take a while.


If you don’t have one then run to the nearest store and buy it. It is never too early to buy one. Take your children with you and let them choose which one they like the best. Make a fun family day out of it. And once at home don’t just hide potty anywhere: let them play with it and decorate it. This way they will learn that potty isn’t something to be afraid of.


Be prepared to take them to the toilet every couple of minutes. Be prepared to drop everything and go when they need to go. Be prepared to wait for half an hour just to learn that timing is wrong. Don’t be discouraged. Remember you role as a mummy is to be as encouraging as possible. Be prepared to feel a little bit frustrated, but don’t worry because it will happen eventually.


In this case three is actually a magic number. Plan staying at home for at least three straight days. That is the usual amount of time it takes for a child to go from nappies to undies. This can be very tricky if you are a busy parent, but it’s so much better if you can dedicate your whole attention to your child’s potty training.

Praise them:

Instead of focusing on the stressful situation why not try and praise the child. A good idea is to give them a colourful sticker. By letting them to wear it on their shirt you are praising their efforts and letting them know that they are doing a good thing.


When they go for the fist couple of times make a big deal of it. Become their own, private cheerleader! YES, that means a potty dance; YES, that means a potty song. And once, they have mastered potty why not throw an ‘It’s official. I am a big kid now. Peace out pampers’ party.


Many experts believe that sometimes it might be more difficult to potty train a boy than a girl. For those who need to train their boys, try to make a game out of it. A great idea is simply throwing cereals or chips in the potty. Have your boy use these as his target practice. But the best thing you could do is to have your husband or an older brother teach your son how to ….

Expect setbacks:

Your child did great on the first day? Good job mummy, however don’t start your little victory dance yet. Most of the time the second day tends to be more difficult that the first, because novelty of the potty is starting to wear off. There might be more accidents to deal with, your child might become more frustrated, but you cannot give up.

No matter what might happen or not happen remember this has to be done at some point, so it is much better to roll up your sleeves and go for it.

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