Product Testing

What Parents need to know

The first thing you must do if you want to be a product tester is fill out our short online form here with a few details. It is 100% free to sign up. Due to the high volume of sign-ups, we will not be able to assign products to everyone however we will try to have as many testers participate as possible. How will you know if you have been chosen? A member of the Boots m&i HQ team will contact you and let you know what products you will be testing!

Home Testing:  You could be sent many different types of products to test over a 1-2 month period. There could be anywhere between 3 – 12 products to test within this time and products could vary from mum or baby skincare products to nappies or even potty training products! During your testing, we provide you with an online login where you can have easy access to your survey’s to fill out. Each survey should only last a maximum of 5 minutes of your time. Quick and easy! Forms must be filled out by mid-August. So, what are you waiting for! Sign up to be a Boots maternity & infant Product Tester today!

Academy Day Testing:  If you live near to Dublin, we may even want you to come and join us at our Academy Day! Sign up and arrive at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dún Laoghaire on July 11th for a great day out where we talk you through all entered products. Enjoy a nice lunch and coffee and test out as many products as you like whilst your children play and have a great day out.


What Companies need to know

All entered products in the 2017 Boots maternity & infant Awards will go through to the product testing round. The Boots maternity & infant Awards provide the most rigorous and thorough product testing available in Ireland. With 9 years of experience behind us, this being our 10th year, we’ve mastered all the necessary steps to get your products seen by the right people and tested in the right environments. Our four methods of evaluation; Home Testing, Site Testing (hotel/holiday destination category), Academy Day Testing and Online Voting (Bloggers, Baby Retailer, Family Brand and Santa Experience categories) are geared towards road testing and approving the finest products and services available to parents in Ireland.


Please note: If a product is entered into two or more categories, a separate amount of samples is required per category.

Home Testing

A minimum of ten parents will be sent products from top industry brands to test and rate over a 5 week period. Once entries close, we will send the companies the home addresses (mid-end of June) of the parents and provide information on when they need to be sent by. We will provide plenty of notice to the companies. Home testing will take place over the months of July and August.

Below are the categories that will be home tested along with the quantities required from companies:



Best Baby Food Product/Range 11
Best Baby Wipes 11
Best Bath Time Product 11
Best Nappy Range 11
Best Nappy Cream 11
Best Baby Skincare Product 11
Best Potty Training Product 11
Best Holiday Product 11
Best Skincare for Mum 11
Best Family Cleaning Product 11
Best Family Detergent 11


Academy Day

A panel of parents, industry experts and Irish parenting bloggers will join together for a day of testing, critiquing and rating. All testers will rigorously test the product which includes a blind RRP (Recommended Retail Price) test. The academy day takes place in July so companies must send products to our office by mid-end June.

Below are the categories that will be tested at the Academy Day along with the quantities required:



Best Baby Carrier/Sling 2
Best Infant Car Seat 2
Best Car Seat for Ages 1+ 2
Best Buggy 2
Best Stroller 2
Best Travel System 2
Best Baby Gadget 2
Best Feeding Product 2
Best Breastfeeding Product 2
Best Steriliser 2
Best Baby Monitor 2
Best Safety Product 2
Best Sleep Product 2
Best Thermometer 2
Innovative Product of the Year 2
Best Family Car 1
Best Time Saving Product 2
Best Remedy for Colic 3
Best Pregnancy Supplement 3
Best Pain Relief for Kids 3
Best Baby/Toddler Supplement 3
Best in Fertility 3

Site Testing

A minimum of one family will be sent to visit a location to test, rate and review it. Hotels/Holiday Destinations will need to host the family for one night.

Below are the categories that will be site tested.


Best Family Hotel/Holiday Destination


Online Voting

All categories will be voted for online by the public. The public vote will account for 20% of your overall result. The other 80% will be calculated from either Academy Day/ Home Testing or Site Testing.

The categories below will be 100% public vote as they cannot be physically tested and therefore must be online. The public voting will take place at the same time as home testing over the months of July and August. We will send the entered companies voting graphics to use on their websites and social media platforms as they wish. Votes gained by competitions will disqualify your votes.



Best Baby Retailer 0
Best Family Brand 0
Best Santa Experience 0
Best Parenting Blog 0
Best Family Health Insurance 0


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