First Trimester

Follow the extraordinary journey from conception to week 12 when your baby’s fingers and toes are fully formed. Calculate your due date and find out how a woman’s body changes in the first trimester.


Latest First Trimester Posts

C Sections: Common myths debunked!

A Caesarean section, or  C section, might be a scary prospect for some first-time mums, but the reality is that more and more of us are having C sections – a study by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), UCD and Trinity College Dublin, found that births by c section had increased to 30 per […]

Can stretch marks be prevented?

Stretch marks are the most common pregnancy skin problem. They most commonly form on the belly and breast area, but can also appear on the thighs, hips, bum and back, and usually form in the last trimester of pregnancy when the skin expands at a more rapid pace. The good news is they fade into […]

Why EVERY woman should be taking folic acid

Ireland has a particularly high incidence of Spina Bifida and other Neural Tube Defects (NTDs), yet a simple folic acid supplement can help reduce the risks significantly – so why aren’t Irish women taking the advice? Speaking on behalf of safeFood, Prof Michael Turner, UCD Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Coombe Women and […]

How to deal with morning sickness

From mild nausea to morning, noon and night vomiting, morning sickness affects as many as eight out of ten pregnant women. It may be a good sign but it’s still bloody miserable. Here’s how to deal with it: 1. Watch your diet Standard advice is to look at what, when and how you are eating. An empty stomach […]

Five foods to boost your pregnancy

Once we’re eating for two, it can be difficult to know what’s going to help or hinder our baby’s development. If you want to give your baby the best start in life – before they’ve even been born – try incorporating these five pregnancy super foods into your diet. Avocado This has been the year of the avocado […]

All you need to know about: smear tests & pregnancy

It’s not something you generally think about when trying for a baby, but what happens if your smear test letter arrives through the letterbox while expecting or breastfeeding? We take a look at what you should do… Why do I need a smear test? Cervical screening, or a smear test, looks for for changes in […]

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