Third Trimester

You’re nearly at the finish line but there is lots to do before your new baby arrives. Packing your hospital bag, preparing for birth and filling your home with baby essentials is a must but don’t worry we’ve got it all covered right here.



Latest Third Trimester Posts

The truth about Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Kate Middleton’s pregnancies

Once again the world is awash with news that another baby is to join the royal nursery. And once again Kate Middleton endures severe morning sickness, aka hyperemesis gravidarum before she could be out and about again. But what exactly is hyperemesis gravidarum and how does it affect your body during pregnancy? Acute morning sickness About […]

The best free pregnancy apps

Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean your life has become less mobile. To celebrate, we’ve got a list of our favourite pregnancy apps available for you to download straight to your phone… for free!   The pregnancy apps My Pregnancy Center | BabyCenter With the My Pregnancy app, all of your pregnancy questions are answered […]

The hospital bag checklist : What you really need

One of the first big jobs you need to do when pregnant is prepare the contents of your hospital bag checklist – that’s when things get REAL! We look at what you need to know, and get the inside track from mums who have been there. On your first appointment at the hospital, you would have been handed a long […]

10 amazing facts about your unborn baby

10 amazing facts about your unborn baby Your newborn baby may start off the size of a spec of sugar but in those short 40 weeks (which obviously we know, feels like a longer to you), it’s incredible how much your precious cargo develops. We’ve put together 10 fascinating facts to remind you of all […]

8 signs labour is coming soon

Ah the final month, the moment you have been waiting for is within touching distance (literally!). Now all you need is a sign from your little one that he or she is ready to meet you. Here are the telltale signs you need to know that your baby is on its way out. 8 signs […]

8 ways to get a better sleep when you’re pregnant

Here’s how to get better sleep while you’re pregnant. Those z’s are incredibly important right now! Avoid day-time naps Daytime sleepiness, particularly in the first trimester, encourages almost every pregnant woman to nap. But naps make it more difficult to sleep at night because they take away some of the sleep pressure that builds up […]

What does this common pregnancy dream really mean?

During pregnancy, our daily life is turned on its head as we prepare to bring a baby into the world. Any dramatic change, even a good one, can come with an influx of issues that our minds need to sort and resolve during our sleeping hours. If you add in a heaping dose of hormones into this […]

Irish mothers of premature babies to receive extended maternity leave

The Irish Government has announced this week that mothers of premature babies will be receiving extended maternity leave. The decision will affect about 4500 mothers in Ireland. The initiative originally put forward by the Green Party will see mothers supported for the weeks their babies are premature, and not simply from their due date. Originally, maternity leave […]

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