Pregnancy Test

Taking a pregnancy test is not just peeing on-a-stick as some may see it. When taking a pregnancy test be prepared to be filled with a sea of emotions. The two to three minutes you wait for a result will be one of the most nerve-wrecking and memorable moments in your life.

Going to the pharmacy brings excitement, nerves and confusion. Almost all over-the-counter pregnancy tests in Ireland are in midstream format. The sample is collected by urinating on top of the stick. If you are not sure which brand to purchase or which type of pregnancy test is best for you, ask a sales adviser which brand is most popular or find out which brand friends or relatives liked best. Some pregnancy tests, although more expensive, come in a digital format making it clear in words whether or not it’s positive.

Pregnancy test prices range from €5.99 (Boots own brand) to €18.99 (Clear Blue Digital) and are an average of 97 – 99 per cent accurate. Don’t let nerves affect your stream, the more urine on the stick the stronger the reading.

Most home pregnancy tests are accurate if used one week after a missed period. Different pregnancy tests have different levels of sensitivity. Sensitivity is the amount of hormone that needs to be present for a pregnancy test to be positive. The early detection pregnancy tests only require a small amount of the hCG hormone to be present. If you do get a positive result, congratulations! But don’t go shouting it from the rooftops just yet: you will need your GP to confirm with a blood test.


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