Difficulties & Concerns

Miscarriage is extremely hard to cope with, being alone and pregnant can be scary; and not feeling yourself after having a baby is isolating, look up our expert advice for any pregnancy worries you may be having and if you can’t find the answer, ask our expert for advice.


Latest Difficulties & Concerns Posts

Are e-cigarettes a good alternative to smoking while pregnant?

Smoking while pregnant is undoubtedly bad for you and your baby’s health. Cigarettes have many harmful effects on our bodies including: Lowering the amount of oxygen available to you and your baby Increasing your baby’s heart rate and chances of miscarriage and stillbirth Heightening the risk of premature birth or low birth weight Increasing your […]

All you need to know about the flu vaccine

All women pregnant during the flu season (October to April) should get the seasonal flu vaccine – here’s all you need to know… What is seasonal flu? We’re so used to people saying they have the flu when they have a cold that it can be hard to realise exactly how serious the flu really […]

All about thrombosis in pregnancy

It’s not the sexiest of subjects, sure, but with pregnant women four to five times more likely to develop thrombosis, it’s pretty important to know the symptoms and when to get help. Thrombosis is the catch-all term for deep vein thrombosis, DVT (when a clot forms in a deep vein, such as the leg or […]

Studies Show Link Between Depression During Pregnancy and This Common Condition

A new study carried out in the US by the National Institute of Child Health and Development has revealed a possible two way link between depression during the early stage of pregnancy and the development of gestational diabetes. Similarly the study found a link between gestational diabetes and the likelihood of developing post-partum depression. The […]

Conception Myths Busted!

When it comes to conceiving a baby, us women are often bombarded with information, tips and strategies, and it can be hard to sort the nonsense from the useful at times. And then there are the old wives’ tales – one of our favourites has to be the advice to have sex on a Sunday […]

What Does This Common Pregnancy Dream Really Mean?

During pregnancy our daily life is turned on it’s head as we prepare to bring a baby into the world. Any dramatic change, even a good one, can come with an influx of issues that our minds need to sort and resolve during our sleeping hours. If you add in a heaping dose of hormones into this […]

10 ways to help labour pain

Forget those horror stories – a little knowledge can help make your birth experience a really positive one – here are ten ways to minimise labour pain and help make the birth of your child a memorable occasion – for the right reasons! Learn to breathe At the very least, do the breathing exercises taught […]

7 ways to cope with stress after baby

After nine months of waiting to meet your new baby, the emotions you feel can sometimes be overwhelming and lead to you feeling stress. As our bodies re-adjust and our emotions go into overdrive, it’s important to take a step back, relax and take one step at a time. ✱ Go for a walk: When […]

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