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Postpartum preeclampsia

About the post on postpartum preeclampsia do you know if many women experienced this on subsequent pregnancies? I would love another baby but I’m very fearful that this condition could occur again and have held off having more children as a result.

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We started giving our baby solids two weeks ago, we started her on the usual baby rice and she got on really well. After a week of that and after seeking advice we upped her to two meals, one baby rice, the other pureed veg. She absolutely loves them but we’ve noticed over the past few nights she’s quite unsettled during the night and doing alot of wriggling. Can anyone out there relate and advise to what you did or general advice and information would be great! Thanks!

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“my 3 year old has recently started to bite both his siblings and us in the last few weeks, but yesterday he did it to my friends baby daughter. I have tried so hard to tell him no and discipline him about it but he doesn’t understand and keeps doing it. It’s becoming a problem and I want to nip it in the bud. Just wondering from any other parents who had the same problem how they went about stopping their child from doing it? Or how to get through to them that is is wrong. Thanks a mill.”

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