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Bringing up a family and everything else that comes with it makes it hard to find time for love, read our expert advice on how to find that time & keep the spark alive, for some of the time anyway!


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10 pieces of relationship advice to live by

A relationship is challenging at the best of times but throw in a couple of kids, the house, and job and they nearly become more hassle than they’re worth. Nearly. Here are 10  pieces of relationship advice to stick to, no matter what. On disagreements Admit when you are wrong, shut up when you are […]

5 things women REALLY want when it comes to sex

Everyone is different when it comes to the bedroom. People can have all sorts of different desires, wants and needs. But the fertility app Kindara revealed through a telling survey the things that women really want from a tumble in the sheets. Are these five things on your bedroom checklist? Connection The results showed that […]

Losing your libido? Sleep is probably the answer

Has your libido been slacking lately? Fear not, the answer could be as simple as you not getting enough sleep. A new study has found a direct relationship between how much sleep a person gets and their level of desire the next day. Researchers assessed the sleeping habits and levels of sexual desire among 171 […]

Six reasons why a date night at home is brilliant for your relationship post-baby

No babysitter? No worries! Here’s six reasons why a date night at home is brilliant for your relationship post-baby… You can get to know each other again Intimate date nights can allow you two to get to know each other again away from the distractions of life and parenthood. We have a tendency at this […]

4 Ways Your Partner Can Help Encourage Labour

If your due date has come and gone and there’s still no sign of your new arrival, you begin to wonder if they’ll ever get here. While natural labour inducing methods have been used for centuries, make sure you get the okay from your doctor or midwife to ensure the health of both baby and […]

7 Lines Guaranteed To Get You In The Mood If You Are A Parent

Gone are the days when we were chatted up with lines like ‘Do you like cheese? Because I’m an Easi Single’ or a classic – ‘That dress would look even better on my bedroom floor!’ No, when you are a parent chat up lines are few and far between. However, they are some golden lines that […]

Mum pens powerful open letter to her husband’s mistress

It’s been one full year since mum of one, Carlie Maree (31) received a horrifying email from her husband’s mistress detailing their affair. The email ended Carlie’s marriage and the mum-of-one has penned an open letter to the woman who broke her family beyond repair. “A year ago today you hit send on an email […]

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