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Bringing up a family and everything else that comes with it makes it hard to find time for love, read our expert advice on how to find that time & keep the spark alive, for some of the time anyway!


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6 dating tips for single mums

Being a single mum doesn’t have to mean ‘hasta la vista, love life’! Forget the ironing, the fear and finding the time. When looking for love, the only thing standing in the way is you, according to SHARON McCLURE. Parenthood is a rich and rewarding experience and, while it may require a certain amount of sacrifice, […]

5 ways Valentine’s Day changes after you have kids

Before you had kids, Valentine’s Day definitely meant something different. A gift probably, a meal out, or a trip to the cinema. Or a cosy night in with your loved one and a nice bottle of wine. But now that you have your little one, your day is jam-packed with love and sweetness and joy […]

Tips to boost your relationship in January

January is a tough month for everyone. There’s something about it that’s just downright sad. The weather is still wintery without the coming of Christmas to bring us cheer, our mornings and evenings are still dark, and our finances are strained after all the gifts and presents. It’s a time when nerves are frayed, tethers are […]

10 questions about sex you want the answers to

10 sex questions we want to know but are afraid to ask… Is there a way to predict how much sex you’ll have as a couple? You can predict how often you’ll have sex later on by how much sex you have in the first year of your relationship. Nearly all couples experience a drop […]

10 pieces of relationship advice to live by

A relationship is challenging at the best of times but throw in a couple of kids, the house, and job and they nearly become more hassle than they’re worth. Nearly. Here are 10  pieces of relationship advice to stick to, no matter what. On disagreements Admit when you are wrong, shut up when you are […]

5 things women REALLY want when it comes to sex

Everyone is different when it comes to the bedroom. People can have all sorts of different desires, wants and needs. But the fertility app Kindara revealed through a telling survey the things that women really want from a tumble in the sheets. Are these five things on your bedroom checklist? Connection The results showed that […]

Losing your libido? Sleep is probably the answer

Has your libido been slacking lately? Fear not, the answer could be as simple as you not getting enough sleep. A new study has found a direct relationship between how much sleep a person gets and their level of desire the next day. Researchers assessed the sleeping habits and levels of sexual desire among 171 […]

Six reasons why a date night at home is brilliant for your relationship post-baby

No babysitter? No worries! Here’s six reasons why a date night at home is brilliant for your relationship post-baby… You can get to know each other again Intimate date nights can allow you two to get to know each other again away from the distractions of life and parenthood. We have a tendency at this […]

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