Unfortunately babies don’t come with a rule book and as they get older it can sometimes get harder, here is a comprehensive guide to all the trials and tribulations that is parenting.


Latest Parenting Posts

#Parentinghack: It’s our tweets of the week

Nothing makes us smile more than seeing some of the ingenious (and hilariously) creative parenting hacks that exist around the world. And Twitter provides the perfect platform for parents to share their tips, tricks and hacks that get them through the day. Here’s our favourite tweets with the #parentinghacks from this week! When in doubt […]

Being a mum is about being ‘both’ – here’s why

Being a mum means being at least two different things at any given time. You’re the rule maker, the cook, the comforter; the manager, the wife and the mediator. It means multi-tasking to the max. It means taking the good with the bad and seeing both sides to every story, altercation and invitation out. One […]

An Autumn menu (with hidden veggies) that your kids will love!

Let’s face it – no matter if they’re ethically sourced or organically grown, a lot of children don’t like the look of vegetables on their plate. If given the choice, we know they’re more likely to load up on breads and proteins than they are on one of their five a day. That’s just how […]

Signs your child is being bullied (or is a bully)

No parent wants to imagine that their child is being bullied or even worse, that their child IS a bully. Yet, among adolescents and children, the phenomenon of bullying is widespread across the nation. The effects of bullying are undeniably harmful, typically leading to long-term repercussions that last well into adulthood. However, learning how to recognise […]

4 ways to change up the school drop off

Does the school drop off fill you with dread? Want to change it up this year to include some variety in your mornings? At maternity & infant, we hear you and for Irish Heart Month, we’re trying to introduce as many healthy changes in our daily lives as possible. One area where we can improve […]

Top ten baby names in 2017 compared with 1917!

Let’s see if any names from the early 20th century have made the cut for our 21st-century name choosings! Are any of your kid’s names in there? Top ten boy’s names in 1917 John William James Robert Joseph George Charles Edward Frank Thomas Top ten boy’s names (so far) 2017 Liam Noah Lucas Mason Oliver […]

8 Vintage Irish Names that Exude Elegance

Playing the baby name game can be a tough one. Every parent wants a name that their little one can grow into and become a strong, confident adult with. But while they may look like a “Bunny” or “Britney” now, is that the moniker they want when they’re 40? Try some of these vintage Irish […]

After school activities – when is it too much?

With activities from sports to music dominating the evening and weekend hours, parents can sometimes see their children ricocheting from school to activity to training with only a scant break in the car. Sometimes with barely enough time to change. More often than not, parents find themselves playing taxi driver to their child’s pursuits. Some […]

4 reasons why we’re happy schools are back this week

Going back to school after three months of summer can be quite to change up for both kids and their parents. Lie ins (if you’ve ever got one!) are well and truly over and school brings with it responsibilities, extra curricular activities, and homework. But it’s not all bad, we promise! In fact, there are […]

Listen up: podcasts for families with kids

Pocasts are amazing. And I say that as someone who (yes) has only just discovered them. Something to listen to without the incessant repeat songs on music radio, and without the irritation of listening to talk radio, podcasts are a whole new world. You choose the topic and it’s often delivered with hilarity, sincerity and […]

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