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Get out & about this weekend with maternity & infant’s full list of family events.


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3 simple DIY Christmas decorations

Salt dough Santa handprints Salt dough can look like a difficult project, but the truth is it’s super easy to make at home. And some of the decorations you make out of it are real keepsakes. We love these little handprint Santa’s – they look so nice on the tree, and your child will love […]

UPDATE: Low temperatures to continue this weekend!

Dreaming of a white Christmas this year? Well, you might be in luck (or not depending on how you look at it) with the latest forecast from Met Eireann. On Monday this week it was it was reported that it would get cold today, and boy has Met Eireann delivered.  Thursday will be “bitterly cold” with […]

Cold temperatures to hit Ireland this weekend

We’ve noticed quite the chill in the air this week and our suspicions have been confirmed for the weekend. Cold temperatures Yes, it’s true, unfortunately. Temperatures are set to drop this weekend, reaching as low as two degrees on Saturday and even colder on Sunday. Met Eireann Met Eireann has said that in places, the […]

3 ways you can use your pumpkin in baking!

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with some pumpkin carving? It’s an activity that all kids adore – but here’s how you use what’s left of your pumpkin when your Jack O’Lanterns are lit up! Pumpkin puree Ingredients 1 pumpkin Pinch of cinnamon Method Pierce your pumpkin all over with a sharp knife or […]

7 ways to have a family snow day!

Though the frost has lifted, we’re still holding out hope that we’ll be able to get our snowshoes out of the attic and channel our inner Elsa. Here are some family-friendly activities for the perfect snow day! Sledding Or tobogganing as it’s sometimes called, this is the go-to activity for snowy weather. Grab the dusty […]

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