School holidays

Keeping kids entertained over the school holidays is a task in itself, whether it’s a camp, adventure centre, museum or cinema, we’ve got a whole section dedicated to keeping kids entertained when school’s out.


Latest School holidays Posts

The real cost of going back to school for Irish mums

September can always be a restless stir of emotions for parents. On one hand, everyone is rejoicing at the thought of having their little ones back at school. It’s the return of normal routines and defined bedtimes. On the other, parents are keenly aware that school means some not-so-insignificant fees on the horizon. In a […]

Important: Water safety for your kids

If there’s one definite benefit to living on the island of Ireland it’s our abundance of scenic beaches to flock to when the weather permits. Thanks to our coastline, not to mention an abundance of lakes, children can have a family fun day out at a relatively inexpensive cost for their parents. But if there’s one thing that needs to […]

Keeping your child safe in the sun

The sun is shining and finally it feels like a little taste of summer has arrived in Ireland. Most people believe that, because we live in a country plagued by summers of cloudy days and lukewarm temperatures, sunscreen is not a household essential. When abroad parents are very careful to protect their child’s skin from […]

How to trick your kids into believing in leprechauns this St. Patrick’s Day

When it comes to holiday seasons Christmas brings presents, Easter means chocolate but this year teach your kids that St. Paddy’s Day can bring the best of all…LEPRECHAUNS! If you want to fool your little ones into thinking these mischievous tricksters have been playing havoc in your home, then keep reading. Turn the toilet water […]

Things to do over midterm

Take advantage of next week’s midterm – and the lighter, brighter days of March and April by going to at least one of these cool family events. We’ve put together a few family-friendly places to visit and events so you can make the most of your free time with your family. Lego animation workshops at […]

How to have a family snow day!

With Met Eireann forecasting frosty, wintry showers for parts of the country this week, we might finally be able to get our snowshoes out of the attic and channel our inner Elsa. Here are some family-friendly activities for the perfect snow day! Sledding Or tobogganing as it’s sometimes called, this is the go-to activity for […]

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