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Wondering what to get up to this weekend with your family? Planning some quality time with your other half or looking for somewhere to take the kids over the school holidays. Maternity & infant has all the latest and up-coming events right here in out & about.


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Signs your child is being bullied (or is a bully)

No parent wants to imagine that their child is being bullied or even worse, that their child IS a bully. Yet, among adolescents and children, the phenomenon of bullying is widespread across the nation. The effects of bullying are undeniably harmful, typically leading to long-term repercussions that last well into adulthood. However, learning how to recognise […]

After school activities – when is it too much?

With activities from sports to music dominating the evening and weekend hours, parents can sometimes see their children ricocheting from school to activity to training with only a scant break in the car. Sometimes with barely enough time to change. More often than not, parents find themselves playing taxi driver to their child’s pursuits. Some […]

Dinners for when you feel more like a taxi service than a parent

Back to school means lucky parents across the country get to spend more time than they’d strictly like out doing what they do best; running a taxi service. Extra curricular activities are fantastic, but scheduling them so you’re not in the car for the majority of your day can be tricky. And cooking dinner for […]

The real cost of going back to school for Irish mums

September can always be a restless stir of emotions for parents. On one hand, everyone is rejoicing at the thought of having their little ones back at school. It’s the return of normal routines and defined bedtimes. On the other, parents are keenly aware that school means some not-so-insignificant fees on the horizon. In a […]

Summer series: events worth a family day out!

Ireland is jam packed full of events suitable for all ages throughout the summer – there’s barely a weekend when there’s nothing on! So pack your bags and leave the iPads at home, and let us know where you’re going this summer! Sunrise Festival, Brigit’s Garden Galway July 29th – 30th Brigit’s Garden is holding […]

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