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Wondering what to get up to this weekend with your family? Planning some quality time with your other half or looking for somewhere to take the kids over the school holidays. Maternity & infant has all the latest and up-coming events right here in out & about.


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10 ways to survive the in-laws at Christmas

How to deal with in laws at Christmas… Surviving Christmas day can sometimes be a battle in itself but surviving Christmas with the in-laws can be another battle altogether! Here are some tricks of the trade to get you through the day as smoothly as possible, without drinking too much or running to the bathroom to […]

4 of the best Santa letters we’ve ever seen!

Getting to read your children’s Santa letter is a really enjoyable experience (Unless they ask for 101 things of course…) But some of these letter’s really cut straight to the point with dear old Saint Nick. The kid who wasn’t above threats The kid who likes things done on time, and doesn’t mess around when […]

3 simple DIY Christmas decorations

Salt dough Santa handprints Salt dough can look like a difficult project, but the truth is it’s super easy to make at home. And some of the decorations you make out of it are real keepsakes. We love these little handprint Santa’s – they look so nice on the tree, and your child will love […]

UPDATE: Low temperatures to continue this weekend!

Dreaming of a white Christmas this year? Well, you might be in luck (or not depending on how you look at it) with the latest forecast from Met Eireann. On Monday this week it was it was reported that it would get cold today, and boy has Met Eireann delivered.  Thursday will be “bitterly cold” with […]

7 Numbers that every new parent needs to have

We all have emergency numbers locked in the brain somewhere. We might even have a few saved on our phone. But when you’re in a jam with a new baby on the house, those numbers need to be accessed fast and there’s no better place than on the fridge (or saved in your phone for […]

The 8 toys that are sure to sell out this Christmas!

With the Late Late Toy Show this Friday, December 1st, most parents will have already been out in force trying to get some of the top toys for this season. But for those of you who’ve left it, here are the definite top toys for Christmas 2017. So you can either bypass the masses trying to […]

Cold temperatures to hit Ireland this weekend

We’ve noticed quite the chill in the air this week and our suspicions have been confirmed for the weekend. Cold temperatures Yes, it’s true, unfortunately. Temperatures are set to drop this weekend, reaching as low as two degrees on Saturday and even colder on Sunday. Met Eireann Met Eireann has said that in places, the […]

Top 12 Christmas jumpers from Penney’s new collection!

It’s the 12 jumpers of Christmas now that the season has officially begun! We’re decking the halls, placing mistletoe in optimal places and generally just spreading the good cheer. Here’s a definitive list of the best Christmas jumpers Penney’s (our second home) has to offer! Penneys’ top 12 Christmas jumpers! (Or the 12 jumpers of […]

5 things we swear we’ll do for Halloween next year

Bake the healthy snacks Yeah, we all saw the lovely Pinterest boards with ‘healthy’ pumpkin snacks. Yes, we know they looked delicious and would soothe our aching consciousness and be kinder to our kid’s teeth. But we just didn’t get around to it this year. Next year we’ll be prepped and ready to go with […]

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