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What fitness classes are hot right now? What exercises have the best benefits?  Prenatal and postnatal fitness advice. It’s all right here in fitness & exercise.


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Top tips for exercising while pregnant

Exercising can have serious health benefits for our bodies, and that doesn’t change when we’re pregnant. If you’ve been active before becoming pregnant you’re probably keen to try some new things, or stick to variations on the thing that suits you. Whatever works. If you haven’t been active, don’t worry because you can still take up […]

Extra-curricular activities: pros and cons

Most parents want their child to engage in some form of extra-curricular activity after school or on the weekends. The most obvious of these is your child either take up an instrument and become Mozart, or they could join a sports team and become Sonia O’Sullivan. Some parents encourage both, hoping that the music will […]

12 ways to get your kids back outside!

On average kids spend around six hours a day looking at screens. Preach. And we know, same as you how, hard it can be to muster the energy to get our kids off the iPad and out the front door. Even harder for parents after a day of school runs, homework and laundry (when will the […]

5 Reasons Why Pilates Is The Perfect Pregnancy Exercise

Looking to stay flexible and strong all pregnancy long? Pregnancy Pilates might be just the exercise for you – here are five reasons why… Pregnancy can be incredibly tough on your body, and whether or not you managed to prepare well for pregnancy, it’s imperative that you pay attention to your nutrition and well-being throughout […]

Four Morning Rituals That Negatively Impact Your Day

Everyone has a morning routine they could never imagine altering. But what if the actions of your morning routine were negatively impacting your body and mood for the rest of the day without you knowing? Here are four of the most common morning rituals people commit in the morning that should be stopped: 1. Hitting the […]

Two glasses of red wine before bed will make you skinnier

We’ve always been told that red wine is good for us but we never cared enough to ask why, we simply asked for another glass of Merlot. According to two recent studies from Washington State University and Harvard Medical School, wine might just be the secret weapon to losing weight. Here is why — there’s a polyphenol called resveratrol […]

Drink this to prevent sickness!

With cold and flu season upon us it’s seems like everyone is getting sick. Your neighbour, your co-worker, your kids, not you though! Learn to prevent sickness thanks to the YouTube channel Honeysuckle. There’s an ancient cold remedy to make you feel better in no time at all. Say goodbye to runny noses and piles […]

Fact! It is easier for men to lose weight than women!

It’s an age old argument, do men have an easier life than their female counterparts? As if periods and childbirth weren’t enough to seal the deal, it’s now been discovered that the female masses are wired to lose less weight than men. There are a number of contributing factors to why men can shed the […]

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