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9 ways you can support your breastfeeding journey

Here at Maternity&Infant we want to help mums with breastfeeding wherever we can. Although it is a completely natural process, many people find it difficult to stick to. Worries about how much the baby is actually ingesting, as well as difficulties with latching on, and pain in the nipples can discourage mothers trying to breastfeed. […]

The truth about Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Kate Middleton’s pregnancies

Once again the world is awash with news that another baby is to join the royal nursery. And once again Kate Middleton endures severe morning sickness, aka hyperemesis gravidarum before she could be out and about again. But what exactly is hyperemesis gravidarum and how does it affect your body during pregnancy? Acute morning sickness About […]

Four morning rituals that can ruin your day

Everyone has a morning routine they could never imagine altering. But what if the actions of your morning routine were negatively impacting your body and mood for the rest of the day without you knowing? Here are four of the most common morning rituals people commit in the morning that should be stopped: 1. Hitting the […]

5 ways your kids can help with pancakes this weekend!

Pancakes are an art form, and lots of families have their secret recipes for the perfect pancake. What better way to spend this weekend than to teach your children the sacred art of pancake making? This way, they learn how to make you breakfast in bed and they get to enjoy helping out in the kitchen. It’s […]

‘Born with an iPad in their hands’ says Minister for Health Simon Harris.

Speaking about children’s health and the risk of obesity, Minister for Health iterated the problem lies in children’s familiarity with screen time, and the amount of time they spend looking at them. Speaking about his own life and his own upbringing, Mr Harris iterated that when he was growing up “as one of our younger […]

5 things we swear we’ll do for Halloween next year

Bake the healthy snacks Yeah, we all saw the lovely Pinterest boards with ‘healthy’ pumpkin snacks. Yes, we know they looked delicious and would soothe our aching consciousness and be kinder to our kid’s teeth. But we just didn’t get around to it this year. Next year we’ll be prepped and ready to go with […]

Coroflo the first accurate breast milk flow monitor

The startup Coroflo have had a busy 2017. And with a funding boost of €900,000 there seems to be no signs of stopping for the breastfeeding technology. Since patenting technology in April which it says is the world’s first accurate breast milk flow monitor, the company has been busy — winning the Irish leg of […]

3 ways you can use your pumpkin in baking!

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with some pumpkin carving? It’s an activity that all kids adore – but here’s how you use what’s left of your pumpkin when your Jack O’Lanterns are lit up! Pumpkin puree Ingredients 1 pumpkin Pinch of cinnamon Method Pierce your pumpkin all over with a sharp knife or […]

RECIPE: Spooky Halloween ghosts!

When Halloween rolls around it’s a great time of year to stretch those baking legs and see what you and your kids can whip up. Children love to help mum and dad in the kitchen, and when it comes to making a treat look like something it’s not… well, is there a greater pleasure in […]

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