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What do pregnancy cravings mean?

We have all heard about pregnancy cravings, even had a few ourselves. We have heard everything from chocolate to pickles and ice-cream. But what do they really mean? The cravings Chocolate. Chocolate cravings could mean your body needs more magnesium. If you are good at moderating your sweet tooth you can have a square or […]

3 things our toddlers need in their diets to maintain healthy growth

Our toddlers can be picky with food. They may like something one day, then point blank refuse to eat it the next. It’s common for toddlers to start making these sorts of decisions about their lives, they’re expressing their right to choose, which is great! However, it can leave parents a little stumped when it […]

The role that Quinton can play in your fertility

Making sure you are not deficient in the minerals and trace elements our body needs to function optimally is an important consideration if you are trying for a baby. Even with a healthy diet, the foods we eat are largely deficient in the minerals and trace elements that our cells need to function properly. Government […]

Are e-cigarettes a good alternative to smoking while pregnant?

Smoking while pregnant is undoubtedly bad for you and your baby’s health. Cigarettes have many harmful effects on our bodies including: Lowering the amount of oxygen available to you and your baby Increasing your baby’s heart rate and chances of miscarriage and stillbirth Heightening the risk of premature birth or low birth weight Increasing your […]

Four supplements you should take during pregnancy

When you’re pregnant you have to mind what you eat in order to give your body and baby the best chance possible. Some supplements are even recommended to be taken before pregnancy so it’s important to watch what you eat when trying for a baby as well. As a lot of the good stuff is difficult […]

Sow and grow with Innocent and Grow It Yourself!

Do you find it hard to get your child to eat their vegetables? Do you find yourself constantly mashing them, hiding them, pretending they’re something else? If your child is stubborn with their food don’t worry, a lot of children are. But one way to get children to try different fruit and veg is to get […]

Top tips for exercising while pregnant

Exercising can have serious health benefits for our bodies, and that doesn’t change when we’re pregnant. If you’ve been active before becoming pregnant you’re probably keen to try some new things, or stick to variations on the thing that suits you. Whatever works. If you haven’t been active, don’t worry because you can still take up […]

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