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It’s Family Week at Temple Street!

Today, is the launch of Family Week at Temple Street Children’s Hospital. It celebrates the love and bravery of the 145,000 families who walk through the doors of the hospital every year. Super Lucy McCool’s story Super hero Lucy McCool along with her mum Fiona, dad Fergus and sister Anna are just one of the families who […]

Pampers launch smallest ever nappy

Approximately 4,500 babies are born prematurely in Ireland each year and due to advances in medical science, survival rates are increasing. To help these little fighters, Pampers has developed its smallest nappy yet, the Pampers Preemie Protection Size P3. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the tiniest little fighters, the Size P3 nappy is three […]

Five fun things to do this Easter weekend

Yay! It’s Easter – which means, chocolate, four days off work, more chocolate and yet more chocolate – what’s not to like about that? Power up your Easter break by organising something fun for all the family to do – here are five of the best… Organise an egg hunt It wouldn’t be Easter without […]

Five foods to boost your pregnancy

Once we’re eating for two, it can be difficult to know what’s going to help or hinder our baby’s development. If you want to give your baby the best start in life – before they’ve even been born – try incorporating these five pregnancy super foods into your diet. Avocado This has been the year of the avocado […]

Time to go a-hunting…

Easter is nearly here, which means one major thing – Easter Eggs! The good news is that the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt in aid of Barnardos is back for another year; this year, it’s been fronted by Samantha Mumba, who launched the event with her gorgeous daughter Sage. Now in its fourth year, Merrion Square […]

How has St Patrick’s Day changed?

The 2016 census showed that the Irish population has reached 4.76 million people, which means that the population grew by 30 per cent over the last 20 years. We also have the youngest population in the EU, with more than half our citizens under 35. So what does this mean for our understanding and celebration of […]

Playtime with name it

We’re big fans of good old-fashioned play here at maternity&infant, and it seems we’re not alone. At name it stores across Ireland this spring, you can collect weekly activity cards with lots of ideas for games, crafts, recipes, dress up and much more. The Unplug & Play initiative releases four new card each week for […]

The role that Quinton can play in your fertility

Making sure you are not deficient in the minerals and trace elements our body needs to function optimally is an important consideration if you are trying for a baby. Even with a healthy diet, the foods we eat are largely deficient in the minerals and trace elements that our cells need to function properly. Government […]

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