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Using the Elf on the Shelf to get kids to behave

In the lead up to Christmas, some parents have already introduced the ever-popular Elf on the Shelf into the home. Yet, many have branded the relatively new Christmas tradition as controlling and downright creepy. While we’ll do anything to keep our kids on the nice list during the busiest time of year, the question has […]

The truth about Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Kate Middleton’s pregnancies

Once again the world is awash with news that another baby is to join the royal nursery. And once again Kate Middleton endures severe morning sickness, aka hyperemesis gravidarum before she could be out and about again. But what exactly is hyperemesis gravidarum and how does it affect your body during pregnancy? Acute morning sickness About […]

UPDATE: Health warning as contagious disease spreads in Dublin and Meath

The HSE have issued another health warning following a series of seventeen diagnoses’ of measles in Dublin and Meath last week. To date, there have been 12 diagoses’ of measles in Dublin and five in Meath. An outbreak and control team from the HSE have been set up in Dublin to “investigate and control the […]

Cold temperatures to hit Ireland this weekend

We’ve noticed quite the chill in the air this week and our suspicions have been confirmed for the weekend. Cold temperatures Yes, it’s true, unfortunately. Temperatures are set to drop this weekend, reaching as low as two degrees on Saturday and even colder on Sunday. Met Eireann Met Eireann has said that in places, the […]

Google launches Family Link in Ireland

Google has launched an app to help parents set boundaries, rules, and guidelines for their children when online. Today they launched Family Link in Ireland following a successful launch in the US earlier this year. Family link Not knowing what their children are getting up to on the internet is a common cause of worry […]

‘Born with an iPad in their hands’ says Minister for Health Simon Harris.

Speaking about children’s health and the risk of obesity, Minister for Health iterated the problem lies in children’s familiarity with screen time, and the amount of time they spend looking at them. Speaking about his own life and his own upbringing, Mr Harris iterated that when he was growing up “as one of our younger […]

5 things we swear we’ll do for Halloween next year

Bake the healthy snacks Yeah, we all saw the lovely Pinterest boards with ‘healthy’ pumpkin snacks. Yes, we know they looked delicious and would soothe our aching consciousness and be kinder to our kid’s teeth. But we just didn’t get around to it this year. Next year we’ll be prepped and ready to go with […]

Coroflo the first accurate breast milk flow monitor

The startup Coroflo have had a busy 2017. And with a funding boost of €900,000 there seems to be no signs of stopping for the breastfeeding technology. Since patenting technology in April which it says is the world’s first accurate breast milk flow monitor, the company has been busy — winning the Irish leg of […]

Baby names inspired by space

Space the final frontier. But don’t worry we’re not going to be recommending any Spocks or Jim Kirks here! These names are purely based on some of the wonders of our solar system…for any astrology enthusiasts or future astronauts out there! We think that a lot of these names are great unisex names! Which one […]

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