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Tripp Trapp®: Make it personal!

We’re big fans of Stokke’s Tripp Trapp® chair, a clever high chair that is designed to grow with the child, and to allow him/her eat at the table alongside the rest of the family. The design revolutionised the market when it was first introduced in 1972, and it continues to lead the way with its classic, […]

What to read for World Book Day 2017

Today is World Book Day and we couldn’t be more excited to share some of our favourite books of the season with you! Reviewed by Maternity & Infant editor Penny Gray with her kids Ellie (6) and Danny (4). Age: 5+ Classic Nursery Rhymes Illustrated by Dorothy M Wheeler; foreword by Chris Riddell (Bloomsbury) I’ll […]

Six surprising beauty benefits of being pregnant

Pregnant women are always beautiful, but with morning sickness, bloating and increased hormones they might not feel that way sometimes. We at maternity & infant believe that all pregnant women deserve to know what it is that makes them and their bodies especially lovely during their first, second and third trimester. Thicker hair Don’t worry […]

New Little Bird by Jools Oliver Flies into Mothercare

Mothercare has developed the Little Bird brand with Jools Oliver to reflect the unique and modern approach to motherhood that she enjoys with her wonderful family. From gorgeous newborn baby outfits to stylish and fun unisex children’s clothes, the exciting Little Bird range is easily mixed and matched to encourage children to dress themselves. Inspired […]

Postpartum Hair Loss – What is it?

The first pieces of information every mum needs to know about postpartum hair loss (a.k.a baby hair) is that it’s completely normal and it doesn’t mean you’re going to go bald. While every woman (and every pregnancy) is different, in most cases hair will eventually grow back to it’s full strength. Why does it happen? […]

6 Beauty Myths Busted!

While we adore spending our copious amount of free time (yeah right) with Sudocrem on our spots and coconut oil on our spit ends, sometimes we have to wonder, how many of these beauty myths are actually true? Brenda McCormick finds out… FALSE: If you have oily skin you shouldn’t wear a moisturiser This one […]

Penneys Launch Superhero Kids Collection

A new superhero-inspired kids collection is set to launch at Penneys complete with pop prints, standout slogans, and plenty of fun! The new range, available in stores nationwide in the coming weeks, promises to bring street style to the school yard by adopting edgy designs and coupling them with bold colours and a plethora of […]

Guess What ‘The Nanny’ Looks Like Now…

She was the lady in red with big hair and an even bigger mouth. Her style and flair will never be forgotten by any 90’s kids. Her big hair was her iconic style point Sometimes overshadowed by her wardrobe (I mean seriously, who else but Fran can pull off a dress like that?) We can still […]

m&i loves: breastvest

breastvest, is an award-winning piece of breastfeeding underwear which makes any top a breastfeeding top. It’s worn with a nursing bra and covers a postnatal tummy so mum can breastfeed baby without having to worry about your post-baby midriff. breastvest is shaped to sit comfortably under a well-fitted nursing bra and is held in place by shoulder straps, specially […]

10 Maternity Picks For Mums-To-Be This Summer

ZARAH HARTUNG, who runs online baby store and is mum to son Josh and daughter Jenna, writes about her top ten maternity picks for mums-to-be this summer. Maxi dress Be iconic with a flowing maternity maxi dress because it is a great way to keep cool during the summer. Maxi dresses drape beautifully over your […]

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