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6 tricks for getting your kids to sleep from other parents

Buzzfeed reader’s have shared their top tips for getting your kids to sleep and there are some really great gems in there, we had to share! 1. Create a bedtime check list. “We worked together as a family to create a check list of things to do before going to bed. We included our son’s go-to […]

Ten Tips for Transitioning a Toddler From The Sleep Nanny ®

There are so many transitions through the stages of baby, toddler and pre-schooler but the toddlers really do go through the biggest challenges. Perhaps that is why toddlers can seem such a big challenge to us too! So I put together my top ten tips for helping your toddler with the various transitions that you […]

Stunning photos show how newborns are positioned in their mother’s womb

Stunning photos show how newborns are positioned in their mother’s wombs Birth photographer Mary Fermont from Holland has captured a series of photographs of babies in the foetal position that they would be in their mother’s womb during her pregnancy. After seeing a midwife show new parents how their baby was positioned in the womb for nine months, Mary […]

All you need to know – breech birth

A breech birth is when your baby is born bottom or feet first. Four per cent of babies are born in the breech position. For the most part of pregnancy babies are able to move freely in their mother’s womb but around the eighth month things start to get a little tight, for mum and […]

10 baby myths all parents should know

10 baby myths all parents should know 1. Babies’ need sophisticated toys for brain development Although a stimulating environment is key for helping baby’s brain develop, sophisticated toys are not actually necessary. 2. Holding books close to baby’s eyes will damage their vision Holding books close to baby’s eyes won’t damage their eyes, however if […]

The low-down on childcare prices in Ireland

The low-down on childcare prices in Ireland Nanny A nanny is someone who looks after your children in your home, and therefore is your employee so you are responsible for paying all taxes and social contributions that are relevant. A full-time nanny will generally work from between 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday, with any extra babysittng […]

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