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3 tips when you’re starting breatsfeeding

Breastfeeding can mean better health for both you and your baby now and in the future. It can also be a bonding and enjoyable experience for you both. Babies who are breastfed are less at risk of stomach upsets, colds and infections, diabetes, asthma and eczema, obesity and high blood pressure later in life. The […]

What to expect from your six week check up

Between four to six weeks after giving birth you will have a postnatal check-up from your GP, unless the maternity hospital has instructed you to return for it. If you had complications during pregnancy or labour you may need to see your GP earlier than the six week check-up. What will the doctor check? Recovery The six […]

Caring for your newborn

Some women are dying to get their newborn home, while others wish that they could stay in hospital until they were a hundred per cent confident with everything they have to learn in a short space of time. The most important thing is getting to know your newborn. If there are people rallying around offering […]

Do you really need specific skincare for babies?

The top brands would have you thinking you had to spend an absolute fortune on specific products for your baby’s skincare. But is it really necessary to spend a fortune just to protect and care for your baby’s skin? Like virtually everything to do with babies, it’s possible to get skincare for your baby on […]

Everything you need to know about Cradle Cap

What is it? If your baby’s scalp is dry and flaking like dandruff, or there are yellowish, oily crusting patches occurring, then she most likely has cradle cap. Known also as infantile seborrhoeic dermatitis, it is a very common ailment for most babies. Where does it occur? You can notice the signs of cradle cap most […]

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