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Know the signs – Meningitis Awareness Week

It’s Meningitis Awareness Week – do you know the signs and symptoms of this potentially deadly disease? If there’s one word that strikes fear into every parent’s heart, it’s meningitis. A potentially deadly disease that often starts off with innocent-enough symptoms, meningitis develops frighteningly quickly and even delaying only a few hours could have devastating […]

Conception Myths Busted!

When it comes to conceiving a baby, us women are often bombarded with information, tips and strategies, and it can be hard to sort the nonsense from the useful at times. And then there are the old wives’ tales – one of our favourites has to be the advice to have sex on a Sunday […]

How to sleep after night feeds

  While you never thought you’d be able to wake up for those night feeds, you now realise the skill lies in getting BACK to sleep. Your body is shattered but your mind won’t stop and tomorrow’s already going to be a very long day. Getting baby back to sleep is mission number one, then, it’s […]

Irish Skin Foundation & La Roche-Posay Launch Awareness Campaign

  Today marks the beginning of a week long eczema awareness campaign introduced by the Irish Skin Foundation and supported by skincare brand La Roche-Posay. Eczema Awareness Week will host a detailed programme of events to raise awareness for the chronic skin condition that affects 1 in 5 children and 1 in 12 Irish adults. […]

The Role Of A Public Health Nurse

When it comes to development issues, your public health nurse can be a great source of information and help. Here’s an outline of what to expect from your public health nurse. For many women, the first contact she has with her local public health nurse is after having a baby – but along with your […]

A Busy Mother’s Hack for Easing a Headache Instantly

Headache! While some linger relentlessly around your temples like an irritating bee disrupting your day, others feel as though a surgical knife has cracked your cranium in two.   If you’re a chronic headache sufferer you’ll know that sometimes a prescription of two painkillers and a thick pair of ear plugs takes too long to […]

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