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What An Irregular Period Really Means

Having a regulated period is something most women take for granted. Sure no woman enjoys having her period but knowing that it’s coming on the same day every month is more comforting than questioning whether it will come this moth at all. Irregular periods are common for many woman. If you experience irregular periods, here’s […]

8 types of tired only mums will understand

When you become a mum the term “tired” takes on a whole new meaning. When you fall asleep on the ironing board god help the person who asks why, sure you’ve been at home all day? Pregnancy tired Sleep can be elusive when you have a baby with the skills of David Beckham playing a […]

The Yummiest Purées for Baby

Being a new parent can be tricky. There are so many new questions you find yourself asking: What brand of nappies should I buy? How long till my baby starts walking? When is the right time to start potty training? And most importantly, What should I feed my baby? Every parent wants what’s best for […]

10 things you swore you’d never do when you had children

While parenthood is nothing short of a blessing, we can’t deny that the reality of having a baby never quite synchronizes with the vision we dream up in our head. In case you’re having trouble remembering that vision, here’s 10 things you swore you’d never do when you had children. Scream in public Do you […]

The Parenting Hacks You Need

Thanks to the Muddled Up Mummy Facebook page we now have the best ideas to make life simpler. These parenting hacks are super helpful and easy. Say goodbye to wasted soap, marker stains, and much much more. Take a peak at some of our personal favourites. Hang a shoe caddy to the back of your […]

10 things to help your baby sleep

One of the most import lessons you’ll learn as a parent is every baby is different. While your first child always slumbered like sleeping beauty, the next can be a dedicated night owl. If you’ve exhausted all of your ideas (or you’re just plain exhausted), try these 10 things to help your baby sleep. Set a […]

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