Therapist Referral

Toddlers and children are referred to an occupational therapist by their GP, public health nurse, pre-school or national school teacher. If you think your child needs to be assessed by an occupational therapist, speak to your GP or public health nurse.

A child may be referred for an assessment with an occupational therapist if having difficulty writing or paying attention in class. The child may not be able to sit still and will appear to be clumsy, bangs into tables, chairs, and doesn’t appear to have awareness of personal space. If a child is finding it difficult to follow instructions or sequencing when writing, playing games or playing with shapes they may be referred for assessment. Another reason a child may be referred for an assessment with an occupational therapist is if the child is continuously having difficulty dressing him or herself properly,for example difficulty with zips, buttons, turning clothes inside out or putting on clothes the wrong way. 

Many occupational therapists work in the HSE’s local health centres and services and are generally available free of charge to medical card holders. In some cases, those who urgently need the service may be referred to private practitioners by the Health Service Executive (HSE).

The service is usually provided in the home but it can also be provided in your local health centre as part of the community care scheme. People with disabilities are entitled to avail of a range of community care services. In many cases, they have priority in access to the services. The relevant community care services may include: public health nurses, home helps, personal assistance, psychological services, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, social work services, physiotherapy, day care and respite care.

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