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Your baby’s health is most important. maternity & infant’s Health Centre has advice on those everyday baby issues colic, nappy rash and cradle cap to the more serious matters, what to expect from your Public Health Nurse and how to get an appointment with a specialist health professional.


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The truth about teething and nappy rash

Mums and dads out there know that teething can be enough of a problem on its own, but it can also bring all sorts of other discomforts to your child. Apart from cutting teeth into tender gums, your baby’s temperature can rise, their mood can be changeable, and an irritating rash can develop around their face […]

4 tips to help your baby start crawling

All babies develop at different rates. Some babies don’t crawl till they’re over a year old, and some start moving bright and early. Some babies bypass crawling altogether and simply start walking one day. Walking and crawling gives your child their first taste of independence. They’ll love being able to go wherever they want, when […]

Signs to watch out for if you think your child needs glasses

Many children’s vision problems can go undetected until later stages in their childhood. If you notice your child doing any of the following while playing, then it could be a sign that they need glasses. Squinting When we squint, our vision is temporarily improved by narrowing the size of the image cast to the back […]

Tips for moving your baby into their own room

While we know it’s better to start younger rather than older, getting your child used to sleeping in a different room can always be tricky. When they’re small, it’s best that parents and baby sleep in the same room to help with those nighttime feeds – and it’s recommended that the baby should sleep in […]

Are e-cigarettes a good alternative to smoking while pregnant?

Smoking while pregnant is undoubtedly bad for you and your baby’s health. Cigarettes have many harmful effects on our bodies including: Lowering the amount of oxygen available to you and your baby Increasing your baby’s heart rate and chances of miscarriage and stillbirth Heightening the risk of premature birth or low birth weight Increasing your […]

More Unfounded Headlines About Vaccinations & Autism: Let’s Stick to the Facts, Folks

Vaccinating our children is a topic never too far away from the headlines. Despite the HSE stating again and again that the vaccinations given to our children are proved safe before they are included in any schedule, there still lingers some doubt among a minority of parents that there could be a link between certain […]

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