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Your baby’s health is most important. maternity & infant’s Health Centre has advice on those everyday baby issues colic, nappy rash and cradle cap to the more serious matters, what to expect from your Public Health Nurse and how to get an appointment with a specialist health professional.


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All you need to know about ear, nose and throat infections

Upper respiratory tract infections can come on at any stage, even when the weather is mild. In summer allergies can cause some of the same early symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection. The trick is to catch these symptoms before they develop into a full blown infection, and treat them so they alleviate. Allergies […]

The truth about birthmarks

There’s a whole history of lore around the origin of birthmarks. Some cultures link these marks to religious beliefs like angel kisses, while others think the position of a birthmark on the body could symbolise the potential for good luck, prosperity or intelligence in a child. Science has no concrete reason as to why these […]

Breastfeeding: Common myths debunked!

There is a lot of good, helpful, healthy information out there about breastfeeding. Websites like, Cuidiu and La Leche League all provide support in information or meeting groups for mothers who are trying to breastfeed. But the internet can be a tricky place, and can sometimes discourage mother’s when they’re having a tough time. Here at […]

All you need to know about wetting the bed

Contrary to conditions like asthma or allergies, bed wetting is rarely talked about outside of the family home. And although parents may feel like their child is the anomaly for wetting the bed, it is actually very common for children to go through this stage at some point in their lives. Even if they have been potty […]

How do I choose a name for my baby?

As with all things baby, things can tend to get a little complicated when making joint decisions with your partner. What colour nursery will they have? What kind of school will they go to? Will we baptise them or no? The list goes on…but the first of these big decisions has to be naming the […]

All you need to know about Postpartum Preeclampsia

Many women have heard of preeclampsia – it’s a known condition associated with pregnancy, characterised by high blood pressure developing around the 20 week mark. And while this condition can go away from when your child has been born, it can also manifest after birth. This is called postpartum preeclampsia. What is it? It is […]

Tips to encourage hand washing in children!

Potty training has it’s own struggles, none the least of which is making sure everything goes into the right place, if you catch my drift! A remaining issue with potty training is making sure the little guys wash their hands properly, and that this happens without fail after going to the toilet, before eating or […]

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