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Your baby’s health is most important. maternity & infant’s Health Centre has advice on those everyday baby issues colic, nappy rash and cradle cap to the more serious matters, what to expect from your Public Health Nurse and how to get an appointment with a specialist health professional.


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UPDATE: Health warning as contagious disease spreads in Dublin and Meath

The HSE have issued another health warning following a series of seventeen diagnoses’ of measles in Dublin and Meath last week. To date, there have been 12 diagoses’ of measles in Dublin and five in Meath. An outbreak and control team from the HSE have been set up in Dublin to “investigate and control the […]

Recalled products from Boots due to “manufacturing fault”

We’ve just been made aware that two products from Boots have been recalled for a precautionary health and safety issue. The defect in the recalled products is said to have occurred from a fault that occurred at time of manufacture. The statement The statement from Boots reads “We’ve recently discovered a potential manufacturing fault in two Boots Baby […]

Boots Child Hero of the Year Award 2017

This year’s Child Hero of the Year award was born with a rare genetic condition called OFD Type 1, which meant that it was highly unlikely that she would ever walk or talk. But Molly Byrne persevered and surprised everyone, defying expectations with a smile and a sunny disposition. Winner: Molly Byrne When Molly was […]

This mum’s hack to get her baby to take medicine is priceless!

We’re starting to really get into that season now; where the kids come home with sniffles, coughs and sneezes. Where we’re up in the night with escalating temperatures or vomiting. We all dread it, but as a parent, it’s just something that you have to go through. Most children will be sick once and while, […]

Children under 4 most likely to catch Shigella

With the kids back in school, some of you may already have been unlucky enough to get the first few glimpses of the dreaded tummy bug virus. Known as the ‘winter’ vomiting bug, the contagious and common infection usually starts appearing in Autumn (September and October) right when the kids are back in school. We […]

Launch: Trick or treat for Temple Street

Temple Street is encouraging guys and ghouls all around Ireland to help sick children by hosting their own Trick or Treat for Temple Street spooky Halloween party! Last week TempleStreet launched its annual ‘Trick or Treat for Temple Street’ campaign, and it’s proudly supported by MiWadi. A ‘fangtastic’ Halloween party was held in the beloved […]

Safety & First Aid tips for parents with young children

With all that curiosity and energy, babies and children are naturally prone to accidents. All parents should consider attending a simple first aid course to learn the basic skills needed to react calmly and efficiently to different situations. We’ve gone through some of the key things parents need to be aware of to keep their […]

7 body changes after pregnancy

Having a baby is the most wonderful and precious time in a woman’s life. At times, it can be hectic and for first time mums a little over-whelming but as pregnancy is the calm before the storm do as much research as possible and prepare yourself for this amazing life-changing experience. Hair loss (eek!) Soon […]

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