6-12 Months

Your baby is quickly developing during this time. Read maternity & infant’s guide to weaning, including when and what to feed baby and whether your little one is hitting all the right baby milestones. Plus health & well-being for mum, it’s not all about baby!


Latest 6-12 Months Posts

5 things you need to know about weaning

Weaning your baby is the time when you start to feed them solid food, instead of just bottles or breastmilk. Solid food can mean the food that you eat, only mashed and pureed down to be suitable for your baby. When should I start weaning? You should introduce your baby to solids somewhere between 17 […]

10 commandments of getting baby to sleep

Getting your baby to sleep can seem easy at the start, but after a while, it can become a task that you dread. Especially when those late-night wake-up-calls begin to take their toll. Here are some things you must do when trying to get your little on to nod off! Tend to them straight away At the […]

3 things to expect from the Public Health Nurse

When it comes to development issues, your public health nurse can be a great source of information and help. You can expect a visit or a phone call from your Local Public Health Nurse when your baby only a few days old! Here’s an outline of what to expect from your public health nurse. What […]

Top five baby products worth spending money on!

Once you have a child, it can feel a lot like your constantly reaching into your pocket to buy baby products and equipment. It’s overwhelming to go into stores to find that not only are there a 100 different brands, but also numerous products that all claim to do the same thing. What if real […]

Recalled products from Boots due to “manufacturing fault”

We’ve just been made aware that two products from Boots have been recalled for a precautionary health and safety issue. The defect in the recalled products is said to have occurred from a fault that occurred at time of manufacture. The statement The statement from Boots reads “We’ve recently discovered a potential manufacturing fault in two Boots Baby […]

Top celebrity Halloween costumes for all the family

One of the best ways to encourage the playfulness of Halloween in your kids is to join in the fun. But instead of searching for individual ideas for each family member how about trying one almighty theme this Halloween? Take inspiration from some of our favourite celebrities who have put their creative family flair to […]

Car Safety Rules You Need To Know

We can’t stress this enough – if you’re transporting your children around in a car, you must pay attention to certain safety rules. They’re not that difficult… According to the Road Safety Authority (RSA), EU child safety protection laws make it compulsory for all children to travel in the correct child seat, booster seat or […]

5 tactics to stimulate your baby’s senses

Mums and occupational therapists Lynsey Sharp and Kathryn Horgan have developed a programme, Nurturing Newbies, to help parents develop their baby’s senses. Here they outline some simple ways you can help your baby’s senses develop. Nurturing Newbies As occupational therapists with over 15 years’ experience working with children, Lynsey Sharp and Kathryn Horgan commonly received referrals […]

Ten tips from The Sleep Nanny ®

There are so many transitions through the stages of baby, toddler, and pre-schooler but the toddlers really do go through the biggest challenges. Perhaps that is why toddlers can seem such a big challenge to us too! So I put together my top ten tips for helping your toddler with the various transitions that you […]

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