Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

Returning to work

The thoughts of returning to work after maternity leave might make you want to cry or you could be looking forward to getting back to your old day job. Either way, returning to work after having a baby brings with it a whole new routine, even lifestyle. Emotions can run high and low. Worrying about how you’ll cope with a full day’s work and a baby is normal. Feeling guilty is also completely normal.

There are a few things to keep in mind to help you prepare for the transition. Careful planning is key to making a return to work easier. First of all, be prepared for mixed emotions. It’s okay to look forward to returning to work and facing the challenges of your job but it’s also okay to feel a strong sense of guilt.

Practise your new routine a couple of times before you return to work. If possible, arrange for your childcare to start a week early. This will get both yourself and your baby more prepared for parting and the new routine. The key to this new routine is giving yourself as much extra time as you can and prepare as much as possible the night before to save yourself time too.

Get plenty of sleep and rest. The more exhausted you are, the less you will be able to cope with with all the demands of work and a baby. A good night’s sleep always makes everything that little bit easier to cope with. Talk to your employer to clarify your job spec so that you’ll know exactly what is expected of you once you’ve returned to work. There may be an option to work more flexible hours, build-up time off or work less hours.

Juggling work with being a new mum can quickly take its toll. Don’t fret too much and hang on in there. All routines are just a matter of getting used to. Try not to look too exhausted or lost in work, things will get better. New mothers soon become fantastic multi-taskers and take their new role in their stride.If you are continuing to breastfeed after returning to work, tell your employer that you will need to take breaks throughout the day to pump. Ask for a clean, private area where it is suitable for you to pump.Consider buying or renting an electric pump so that you can pump both breasts at the same time. About two weeks before returning to work, adjust your nursing schedule so you’re pumping two or three times during the day and nursing before and after work hours. .

Final tip – make your return to work date mid-week and ease yourself back in after a long maternity leave.

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