12-24 Months

In this section we’ve got sleep solutions that will make your life a lot easier, how to encourage baby’s development and returning to work after maternity leave. Remember, if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, ask our expert.


Latest 12-24 Months Posts

How to deal with the dreaded clock change…

For many people, the clock change heralds the start of the summer – and therefore is something to be welcomed. But for parents of children with delicate sleep patterns, the loss of an hour can result in chaos at nighttime for weeks. Our resident sleep expert, Lucy Wolfe, has some great advice on how to […]

New childcare guide from Barnardos

With over 170,000 children attending an early years service in Ireland, Barnardos has produced a handy guide to support parents in making decisions about the best quality option for their child. Written by early years experts in Barnardos, the Choosing Quality Childcare guide provides parents with information about what to look for in a quality […]

Reasons to read with our toddlers for World Book Day 2017!

For World Book Day 2017, we’ve gone through the reasons why it’s important to read to your toddlers. From fairy tales to action adventures there are books out there that cater to every child’s interests! What book are you reading today? Building relationships Reading a story book with your child is one of the key […]

4 tips to help your baby start crawling

All babies develop at different rates. Some babies don’t crawl till they’re over a year old, and some start moving bright and early. Some babies bypass crawling altogether and simply start walking one day. Walking and crawling gives your child their first taste of independence. They’ll love being able to go wherever they want, when […]

Different types of toddler tantrums and what to do about them

Every parent knows the struggle of the terrible twos, where their once placid, happy baby has suddenly morphed into a human capable of articulating some very strong emotions. It can often take people unawares, as it may not happen as soon as they turn two. It might happen earlier or later, but the fact remains […]

Tips for moving your baby into their own room

While we know it’s better to start younger rather than older, getting your child used to sleeping in a different room can always be tricky. When they’re small, it’s best that parents and baby sleep in the same room to help with those nighttime feeds – and it’s recommended that the baby should sleep in […]

Baltic amber teething necklaces: fact or myth?

Teething can be a tough time for parents and children alike, and there are many varied remedies about what can be done to relieve the pain. We’ve heard about ground cloves with all spice spread onto sore gums, doses of paracetamol or nurofen, other remedies like Bonjela and Teedex – and then there’s Baltic amber necklaces. Some parents […]

The Art of Bathing Baby

It may be daunting at first, but once you’re used to handling slippery wet babies, bathing your little one can be a highlight of the day – for both of you! For dad, too, in the early days, it can be a valuable way to bond with your new child, and a way to give […]

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