0-6 Months

Find out what to expect when you bring your new baby home with our expert advice on everything from caring for your newborn, feeding tips & advice, your six week check-up and developmental milestones in baby’s first six months.

Latest 0-6 Months Posts

Think your child is hard of hearing?

Children learn to communicate by imitating the sounds they hear. When your child is a baby, being hard of hearing will cause them to miss much of the speech and language going on around them. This can result in delayed speech and language development, social problems and academic difficulties. A common condition About four out […]

Tips for Dad While Mum is in Labour

While in the past the paternal figure was banished to the hospital hallways, they are now, thankfully, asserting their right to be present for the birth of their child. Yet, this unknown territory can be uncertain ground for a new dad who wants to be a help, rather than a hindrance. That’s why we’ve compiled […]

8 Vintage Irish Names that Exude Elegance

Playing the baby name game can be a tough one. Every parent wants a name that their little one can grow into and become a strong, confident adult with. But while they may look like a “Bunny” or “Britney” now, is that the moniker they want when they’re 40? Try some of these vintage Irish […]

Our top ten Autumnal baby names

Autumn is a beautiful time of year to give birth to your baby (because you have such choice in the matter!). The leaves are purple, gold, brown and red and everyone starts to get cosy for the oncoming winter. It signifies new life, new beginnings and what better namesake for your child than one that symbolizes […]

All you need to know about hip dysplasia

Many mums have given birth to their beautiful bouncing baby boy or girl only to be told that their child’s hip joints aren’t properly developed, and that they have Developmental Hip Dysplasia. Having to put your baby in a brace can be difficult for those first few months, but it’s key to learn the facts […]

How you can support your breastfeeding journey

Here at Maternity&Infant we want to help mums with breastfeeding wherever we can. And for World Breastfeeding Week we’d like to highlight some of the reasons why you should try to breastfeed your child for the first six months of life. Although it is a completely natural process, many people find it difficult to stick […]

The truth about birthmarks

There’s a whole history of lore around the origin of birthmarks. Some cultures link these marks to religious beliefs like angel kisses, while others think the position of a birthmark on the body could symbolise the potential for good luck, prosperity or intelligence in a child. Science has no concrete reason as to why these […]

Breastfeeding: Common myths debunked!

There is a lot of good, helpful, healthy information out there about breastfeeding. Websites like breastfeeding.ie, Cuidiu and La Leche League all provide support in information or meeting groups for mothers who are trying to breastfeed. But the internet can be a tricky place, and can sometimes discourage mother’s when they’re having a tough time. Here at […]

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