0-6 Months

Find out what to expect when you bring your new baby home with our expert advice on everything from caring for your newborn, feeding tips & advice, your six week check-up and developmental milestones in baby’s first six months.

Latest 0-6 Months Posts

The truth about birthmarks

There’s a whole history of lore around the origin of birthmarks. Some cultures link these marks to religious beliefs like angel kisses, while others think the position of a birthmark on the body could symbolise the potential for good luck, prosperity or intelligence in a child. Science has no concrete reason as to why these […]

Breastfeeding: Common myths debunked!

There is a lot of good, helpful, healthy information out there about breastfeeding. Websites like breastfeeding.ie, Cuidiu and La Leche League all provide support in information or meeting groups for mothers who are trying to breastfeed. But the internet can be a tricky place, and can sometimes discourage mother’s when they’re having a tough time. Here at […]

How do I choose a name for my baby?

As with all things baby, things can tend to get a little complicated when making joint decisions with your partner. What colour nursery will they have? What kind of school will they go to? Will we baptise them or no? The list goes on…but the first of these big decisions has to be naming the […]

Eight jobs for new dads

Newborn babies are a bundle of joy, but they can also be demanding and challenging. Sometimes those first few months feel like they’ll never end, and watching your to-do list pile up before your eyes can be overwhelming. But if you have Dad to hand, here’s a few simple ways to put them to work, and […]

Expressing breastmilk: early days

It’s recommended that you exclusively breastfeed for the first six weeks in order for your milk flow to become established and for you and your new baby to get into a routine. Later, however, you might need to leave your baby for more than an hour or two, and this is when expressing comes in […]

World Meningitis Day: Know the signs

It’s World Meningitis Day once again, and a fitting time for us to remind ourselves of the symptoms of this deadly disease. Anyone can contract meningitis, but children and adolescents are most at risk. Knowing the signs and symptoms, and seeking medical help immediately, can be lifesaving so make sure you’re up to speed today. […]

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