0-6 Months

Find out what to expect when you bring your new baby home with our expert advice on everything from caring for your newborn, feeding tips & advice, your six week check-up and developmental milestones in baby’s first six months.

Latest 0-6 Months Posts

How to survive the first three months

Yes, they’re tough. Yes, you’ll go slightly insane with the lack of sleep. Yes, they’ll feel like they’ll never end. But guess what? This too shall pass. Here’s how some of our readers survived the first three months of motherhood… Eliza, mum of two “I learnt a lot from my first baby, but most important […]

Swimming with babies: why it’s never too early

While new mothers should be careful when getting into chlorinated pools with fresh wounds from vaginal or Caesarean births, there’s no reason your baby can’t enjoy a little dip with their daddies or even grannies and grandads! Even the HSE agrees that it’s never too early to start swimming with your baby. Babies can get […]

5 Benefits of Tummy Time

Tummy time is a great thing to do with your little one. Even if it is just a few minutes throughout the day, it will help your baby become stronger and reach their milestones faster! Here are some of the reasons you should be practising tummy time with your baby, right now: Helps to encourage your baby […]

The truth about teething and nappy rash

Mums and dads out there know that teething can be enough of a problem on its own, but it can also bring all sorts of other discomforts to your child. Apart from cutting teeth into tender gums, your baby’s temperature can rise, their mood can be changeable, and an irritating rash can develop around their face […]

More Unfounded Headlines About Vaccinations & Autism: Let’s Stick to the Facts, Folks

Vaccinating our children is a topic never too far away from the headlines. Despite the HSE stating again and again that the vaccinations given to our children are proved safe before they are included in any schedule, there still lingers some doubt among a minority of parents that there could be a link between certain […]

Is two weeks paternity leave enough for Irish dads?

Since Ireland brought in two weeks’ paid paternity leave in September 2016, families have been reaping the benefits of an extra pair of hands. But when we look elsewhere, it’s not difficult to notice that we offer a bit less than other countries. In fact, it looks rather paltry compared to other places. At the […]

What to expect from your newborn’s poop!

It’s not going to be pleasant, but it’s definitely something worth thinking about. Once you have the nappies, wipes and cream you’re pretty much all set, but it’s good to have an idea of what to expect when you’re expecting…and that means what’s going into your baby and what will be coming out of them […]

Baltic amber teething necklaces: fact or myth?

Teething can be a tough time for parents and children alike, and there are many varied remedies about what can be done to relieve the pain. We’ve heard about ground cloves with all spice spread onto sore gums, doses of paracetamol or nurofen, other remedies like Bonjela and Teedex – and then there’s Baltic amber necklaces. Some parents […]

The Art of Bathing Baby

It may be daunting at first, but once you’re used to handling slippery wet babies, bathing your little one can be a highlight of the day – for both of you! For dad, too, in the early days, it can be a valuable way to bond with your new child, and a way to give […]

Everything you need to know about Cradle Cap

What is it? If your baby’s scalp is dry and flaking like dandruff, or there are yellowish, oily crusting patches occurring, then she most likely has cradle cap. Known also as infantile seborrhoeic dermatitis, it is a very common ailment for most babies. Where does it occur? You can notice the signs of cradle cap most […]

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