7 struggles all working mums know

working mums, struggles working mums know, struggles of a working mum
working mums, struggles working mums know, struggles of a working mum

We salute all those mums out there with to-do lists as long as their arms. Whether they be in the workplace or doing the work at home, we all know that the work of a mum never ends (not really!). Here are a few struggles that mums working outside the home can relate to!

Having adult conversations again may take some getting used to.

Going back to work can sometimes leave you feeling a little alienated when it comes to adult talking and gossip, especially when your brain has been consumed by nothing but your baby’s needs for so long. But you’ll welcome being able to indulge in adult chit-chat again and by week two you’ll be like a duck to water.

Your weeks and weekends will go by fast. Really fast.

With your own work during the day, and even more work waiting for you when you get home you’ll find time seems to move faster. When your coworkers can’t believe ‘it’s still only Tuesday?!’ relish in the thought that those times when you wished time would move quicker are well and truly behind you!

The journey to work is your ‘me-time’.

Between getting the kids up and ready for school while simultaneously managing to get yourself presentable for work, your morning and evening commute becomes a much needed respite and may be the only ‘me time’ you get all day! Enjoy it, take the Disney CD out of the player and some music you enjoyed pre-baby, a time when you didn’t have toys all over the car floor and Peppa Pig’s theme tune constantly in your head!

Annual leave days are no longer for breaks away with your partner or friends.

Days off are no longer for holidays or quick breaks away with your partner or friends. Now they are specifically kept and reserved for days when you or your little one are sick. But who are we kidding, they’ll probably only be used for your kids!

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Bank holidays make you feel like you’ve won the lottery.

That one extra day to spend with your family and one less day to spend at work is the best equation you can possibly think of! In April there are 2, with May the 1st following close after! Yay!

Home thoughts will pop into your head while you’re at work.

Every mum’s to-do list is constantly being added to, struck off and rewritten on a daily basis. It’s no different for working mums, only they have to somehow remember all the information and act on it at a later time. Things like what’s for dinner, the laundry, spring cleaning, child minder plans to be made, and miscellaneous trivia about your kid’s schedules will pop into your head at the most inopportune moments throughout the day. We suggest a day planner.

Sundays, the day of unrest!

Ah Sundays, that day of rest we all look forward to after a hard and long week dealing with things we’d rather not. It’s a day for taking walks with your partner and getting ice cream, or chilling with your feet up watching some easy television. Well, not any more! Those Sundays seem like a dream you once had, maybe when you were twenty? Now your Sunday’s will be spent scrupulously planning dinners for the week and organising who is leaving and or picking up the kids from school. That planner we mentioned  in point six may come in handy!

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