What to look for when choosing a crèche

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What to look for when choosing a  crèche

This week at the Boots maternity & infant awards we are celebrating créches. We want to recognise the créches that go that extra mile in creating the most friendly, supportive and caring environment possible. Whether it’s dedicated time for individual children or innovative education plans, we want to reward these crèches.
Choosing a crèche for your little one is a process that needs time and one that you should have a lot of information on. We have a list of the things you should expect when looking at crèches so you have the information you need to make the best decision for your child.

Health and safety

A first-aid box should be available and a medical assistance arrangement plan ready if an accident was to happen and medial assistance needed to be called. Staff must be trained in use of safety equipment. Gardens and play areas should be fenced and doors and gates secured to prevent children straying.

Good management and suitable amount of staff

A sufficient amount of adults over the age of 18 with the correct experience and qualifications should be provided to work with the children in attendance.


Make sure the crèche  has policies on opening and closing times, illnesses (when to keep your child at home if they are ill), flexible hours for you to work with and open policies on if you can drop in or partake in some activities with your child, as well as child behaviour management policies, to know how they manage when a child’s  behaviour becomes challenging.

Suitable activites

Your crèche should offer a variety of activities suitable for your child’s age group. Painting, drawing, story time, jigsaws and puzzles, music and imaginative play should all be activities included in a crèche’s daily programme.

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Registration and insurance

Ask to see the crèche’s details, registration, staff training. Make sure children are insured against any accidents or injuries that may occur while in the créche. A register should also be kept with details of each child attending the service including name, date of birth, contact numbers for parents and child’s doctors.

Information for parents

Parents should be given information about the créche including the person in charge and all staff details, the adult to child ratios, the age range of the children, maximum numbers and the type of care, facilities, opening hours and fees.

Premises and facilities

The créche should be clean, hygienic and safe, with the correct amount of space per child provided. All furniture, work and play surfaces should be clean, suitable, non-toxic and kept in a good state, with suitable facilities for the children to rest and to play indoors and outdoors during the day. Adequate heating, ventilation and lighting and sanitary accommodation should also be of a high standard.

Food and drink

Nutrition, suitable and varied food should be available for a child attending the service and there should be facilities of a high standard for the storage, preparation, cooking and serving of food, as well as handwashing, wash-up and sterilising facilities.

The Boots maternity & infant Awards recognise the créches that provide excellent standards of child care. We aim to encourage all those working in early childhood education and care to aspire to excellence. We want to recognise the créches that go that extra mile, so why not recognise your child’s créche for providing excellent service by nominating them for the maternity & infant Best Community, Private and Multiple créche here.

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