Making time for sex after baby

Having a baby cements a relationship on an emotional level. It brings a couple closer together in more ways than one. Sharing the love you both have for the baby you created together is an amazing time in a relationship. But while your relationship is on an emotional high, you may be dumbfounded when your sexual connection is at an all-time low.

A common problem with new parents is that, with all the nerves of getting used to having a new baby and learning about changing, feeding, lack of sleep, cleaning, etc, the lifestyle change can leave very little time for lovemaking. Sex plays an important role in the workings of a relationship and here are some ways to keep it that way.

Body hang ups

First of all, leave any body hang-ups at the bedroom door. Every woman gains weight during pregnancy, it’s important to remember it will come off and sex is a great way to start losing pregnancy pounds. Grab as much sleep and rest as you can. Sleep when baby sleeps, rest when baby rests and take offers of help from friends and family. This gives you the energy needed to deal with all the demands of a new baby and life, including sex!

Let’s talk foreplay

Talk about foreplay before it even begins, tell your partner how much you are looking forward to having some alone time and what you’d like to do with that time. If you are finding it hard to find the time for one another, schedule time in, this doesn’t mean Thursday evening 6pm but organise a time to open a bottle of wine or even better be taken out for a glass of wine.

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Communicate with your partner

Stay connected by communicating, tell your partner all the worries, stresses, and joys of the day. Tell your partner what you’re looking forward to and what the next day might bring. It’s important to catch up at bedtime. When your partner is in work, text, ask how his or her day is going and that you are looking forward to when he or she comes home. Know what time your baby will be sleeping; babies usually sleep for at least three hours at a time, which is plenty of time to have a shower, light a candle and the rest is up to you.

The important thing is to make time for each other and keep the spark that you had when you were first together alive. Obviously, this is not possible all of the time but make the time for the spark to come out as much as possible. Appreciate your partner, let your partner know exactly why you love him/her, even if they drive you crazy the rest of time!

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Originally posted 2018-02-19 11:37:47.