Easy cleaning hacks every parent should know

Living with children is a messy business, no doubt about it. Get to grips with the mess using these quick and easy cleaning hacks!

The cleaning hacks

1). Use diluted WD-40 to get crayon marks off the walls and out of clothes.

2). Sick + Baking powder. Once you’ve cleaned up the puke as much as possible pour a heaping helping of baking soda onto what’s left. It will form into powdered clumps, which you can later vacuum up. You’ll be amazed with how good the area looks and smells!

3). If your kid spills a drink onto your beautiful white carpet, you can get it up using dish soap, vinegar, and salt.

4). Use white wine vinegar to get rid of that funny smell in sippy cups. Find out how here.

5). Whip up a batch of “doll hairspray” (fabric softener and water) to detangle doll hair.

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Cleaning hacks

6). Get rid of pit stains by wetting the area with lemon juice, adding a tablespoon of salt, then rubbing the fabric between your fingers.

7). Remove permanent marker from hardwood floors with a dab of toothpaste. You can also use toothpaste to make your kid’s runners look as good as new.

8). Clean your kids toys and a whole lot more in the dishwasher.

9). If your kid gets chewing gum on their cotton clothes you can get it off by putting the clothes in the freezer.

10). Clean skirting boards using dryer sheets. This not only gets up the dust but coats the area so dust doesn’t accumulate nearly as quickly in the future.

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Originally posted 2015-03-05 15:44:12.