8 lies we actually believed

Kids are hard work. That’s why from time to time we need to tell a white lie to make life that little bit easier. And then there’s the lies we like to tell for our own enjoyment, cruel but at the time, hilarious! I used to tell my daughter if she waved at the green man on a road crossing it would turn green! She believed me for years, everytime, waving at lights like a lunatic while I cackled to myself!

Here are eight lies other readers and probably you too, fell for, hook, line and sinker…

  1. Brown cows could only product chocolate milk.
  2. Eating crusts made your hair curly.
  3. Your tongue turns black if you are lying.
  4. One reader admitted to believing his father’s hilarious explanation for going bald – that a pigeon had run off with it! “I genuinely believed that’s why people were bald!”
  5. Another reader believed if he played with his belly button his butt would fall off. LOL!
  6. That brown spots on banana and toast were where all the vitamins were! This just gets better…
  7. If you pick your nose your fingers would turn brown and fall off…totally agree with this one.
  8. This is the best – smoke alarms are actually cameras set up by Santa Clause to monitor kids behaviour. GENIUS…
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Originally posted 2015-09-18 13:11:12.