7 struggles of having to be the ‘bad cop’ parent

7 struggles of having to be the ‘bad cop’ parent

Sometimes, being the ‘bad cop parent’ or saying no to our kids to keep them safe or ensure that they are healthy and well just has to be said and done, and although both parents should equally share the role, sometimes it can be left up to one parent! (Definitely me…)

1. To get the kids to listen you have to break out the cross face and try and hold it, while pretending you’ll have the energy to be really cross if they even dare to do it! (You can do this)

2. That “I’m going to kill you” look you throw at your partner when the kids run into them and they say yes after you’ve just said no….

3. You find yourself repeatedly saying ‘Because I said so!’ a lot more than you’d like because you’re just too tired to explain why they’re not allowed,…but you know there’s definitely a reason, danger or the onset of a mess you’ll have to clean up after!

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4. That deadpan look you have when you do allow something special and say yes to something you usually wouldn’t and your kids don’t believe you….I can be fun and spontaneous you know!

5. Your kids don’t think you’re cool. And tell you. Frequently.

6. When the kids run crying to you after hurting themselves from doing something you said they shouldn’t and you’re reasons for saying no are validated and you have to struggle to not say ‘I told you so, this is why I say no!’

7. The guilt you feel when you say no to things you know you did when you were a kid after being told no too, while knowing your kids are going to do it anyway as well….this is what our mothers said would happen isn’t it?

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Originally posted 2015-09-25 11:37:01.