10 things that don’t bother you since becoming a parent

10 things that don’t bother you anymore since becoming a parent

Ah, parenthood! With all it’s joys and amazing moments there comes an acceptance of all the things you used to be so picky about before you had kids, now, it’s anything goes!

1. Sharing your food. Or ever eating dinner alone in peace!

2. Children’s TV show characters. They used to drive you insane with their constant perkiness, now they are the tantrum and scream solver heroes of your dreams!

3. Wrappers and toys in the car. You’re giving up on it ever being clean until the kids are at least thirteen.

4. The kids tantrums in the supermarket….we’re just so over it!

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5. Being alone. (This is, in fact, heaven.)

6. Kids at restaurants…because you know how it feels for those parents.

7. Spew, vomit, snot and poop. And the possibility of them being all on your clothes and/or hands.

8. Not having your make-up done. Like seriously, who has the time for that anymore?!

9. Never watching live television. Because nowadays you’re even recording the news because Dora HAS to be on while the kids eat their dinner!

10. Using the toilet in front of someone. It’s just not happening alone again for a long, long time  is it?

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Originally posted 2015-09-10 11:17:43.