Top five baby products worth spending money on!

Once you have a child, it can feel a lot like your constantly reaching into your pocket to buy baby products and equipment. It’s overwhelming to go into stores to find that not only are there a 100 different brands, but also numerous products that all claim to do the same thing.

What if real parents could tell you what’s worth the money and what’s not?

A new study conducted by Which? which surveyed over 1000 parents, shows definitively which products parents RATED as being a necessity, and which products parents SLATED as being not worth the cash.

Five baby products parents can’t live without

Five baby products not worth wasting your money on


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Not only do you avoid cluttering up your home, you could end up making some super savings as well!

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a baby product and then not getting any real use out of it, especially if the money you could have saved could buy a more useful baby product. We worked out that if you chose to bypass the products on our top 10 list of least useful baby products, you’d be able to save £408 on average.

That’s huge savings! That’s a weekend away! We know what we’d prefer, but what about you? Read more here!


Originally posted 2017-10-25 14:48:21.