Baby names inspired by space

Space the final frontier. But don’t worry we’re not going to be recommending any Spocks or Jim Kirks here! These names are purely based on some of the wonders of our solar system…for any astrology enthusiasts or future astronauts out there!

We think that a lot of these names are great unisex names! Which one is your favourite?

Boy’s names from space!


Oberon is the name of the largest moon of Uranus. The name sounds twice nice when you pronounce it as Auberon.


The comet Holmes was once the largest object in the solar system. It’s also associated with Katie Holmes and Sherlock Holmes. They have Holmes as a surname, but we think Holmes would make a nice first or middle name as well.


Orion, also called The Hunter, is the brightest and best-known constellation in the sky. This constellation consists of three conspicuous stars. The name originates from the Greek mythology, where Orion was a mighty hunter and the son of Poseidon. The meaning of Orion is ‘limit or boundary’.


Leo is the name of a constellation containing clusters of shiny stars. This constellation was discovered quite early. Leo was rated as the 134th most popular space baby names for boys in the year 2014. The name Leo, meaning ‘lion’, was very popular in ancient Rome. In fact, 13 Roman popes were named Leo.


Archer is the name of the half-man and half-horse Sagittarius group of stars and means ‘strength and power’. Archie would make a perfect nickname for it.

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Girl’s names from space!


Ophelia is the name of a tiny moon in Uranus. This moon was named after a character in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. It is sure to make a unique name for the apple of your eye. Both Blake Lively and Lee Curtis have played characters named Ophelia, so your little one will have plenty of namesakes.


Titania is one of the classiest space names for girls. It is the name of the largest moon of Uranus. The name is inspired by the queen of fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You can shorten it to Tania, one of the coolest nicknames of all times.


Portia is the name of the largest moon of Uranus. It was inspired by the name of the female protagonist of the play The Merchant of Venice, who disguises herself as a man to defend her husband Antonio in court. But the younger ones will probably associate it with the stylist in The Hunger Games. The Australian actress Portia de Rossi is the most popular namesake.


Halley is a term used for the short-period comet that is visible to the human’s naked eye from the Earth. It appears just twice in a lifetime. The name Halley is quite popular in the US. Halley Berry is one of the most prominent bearers of this name.


This Scandinavian moniker meaning ‘gorgeous goddess’ is used by the Swedish microsatellites for studying various features of space.


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