9 things you never knew before you became a mum

9 things you never knew before you became a mum
The sacrifices your own mum made for you

Having your own child puts sharply into perspective just how much your own mum did for you when you were a child.
And makes you appreciate her all the more for everything.

Unconditional love

Your baby has totally taken over your life and driven you to the point of insanity but you would kill for this little being. Literally.

How privileged and fortunate you are

Motherhood is not something to be taken for granted, even in Ireland. Feel lucky for having your baby and having the resources to help him grow to adulthood.

The serious and important role poo would play in your life

Little did you know how much you’d care!

How little you actually know!

“Why is it raining?” “Why is the sky blue?” One word: Google. And wait until they start spouting Irish at you…

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How cynical the world is…

…And how advertisers are constantly marketing at your children.

That time alone was bliss

Oh, how casually you treated time to yourself before you had children. Now time is a precious commodity – but remember you need time to yourself to remember who you are as a person, not just as a mum.

How quickly time goes!

It mightn’t feel like it when you’re in the throes of night feeds, but blink and they’ll be heading off to college. So stop and enjoy the moment.

That you’re stronger than you think…

…And you’re actually now all grown-up. Sometimes!

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