7 important life questions to ask parents and grandparents

7 important life questions to ask parents and grandparents

This week at the maternity & infant awards we are celebrating grandparents! Whether it’s your own grandparents or your parents that are now a grandparent to your kids, the presence of a grandparent’s wisdom, care and devotion can be felt throughout a family. You can learn so much from your parents and grandparents if you simply just ask! They have a lifetime of experience and wisdom to offer and teach you, so here are the seven most important questions to ask them about life.

Where did you grow up and what was it like?

Maybe they lived through turbulent times in history, or hardship, either way asking them about the era they grew up in will give you an insight into how they have become the person they are today, and how to appreciate the era you live in now.

What were the trends of your time?

This one is fun. Learning of all the different fads of your grandparents youth can be eye opening. Some of the trends you follow now have probably come from their time!

What did you do for fun?

In a world that’s obsessed with iPhones, the internet and constant communication it’s really refreshing to hear of how your parents or grandparents spent their times as kids and teenagers. Whether it was playing outside, going to dances or simply communicating face to face, you’ll begin to appreciate the old fashioned ways of fun!

What world events happened when you grew up?

Maybe they lived through wars or hugely influential historical events. Learning what they have seen and heard about the world as they grew up is a huge part of who they are. Get to know that and learn a little world history while you’re at it!

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What’s your marriage/love/relationship advice?

Learning how your grandparents/parents met and fell in love is the beginning of the story for the entire family! But more importantly, getting an insight into how they met and the standards they set for themselves when it came to choosing a life partner, as well as learning how to maintain a relationship and nourish love for as long as they have is a great lesson to learn.

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What traditions did you have as a family when you grew up?

Chances are that the traditions your grandparents grew up with were probably passed down to your parents and have already been adopted by you as well. However, hearing about such things is a great way to appreciate your family history, and instil a bond between the generations by passing traditions down.

What’s the most important lesson to learn about life?

This is probably one of the most important questions to ask. Your grandparents/parents lived through and solved every problem you’re probably having right now. Seeking their pearls of wisdom on life can help you out big time, and whether it’s about parenting, love, family, marriage or finance issues, your elders are the best to go to for some wisdom and guidance.

If you know a grandparent who works tirelessly to support their grandchildren, exerted a positive influence through quality time or helped a young family through a difficult period, we want you to tell us about their outstanding care and devotion. Why not give them the recognition they deserve and nominate them for the Boots Maternity & Infant Grandparent of the Year? Click here for more.

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