5 ways to boost your body confidence

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Body Confidence Week

We have decided here at maternity & infant Family to remind all of our lovely readers that they’re amazing.

A shocking study has shown that more than 10 million British women ‘feel depressed’ over their looks, affecting everything from relationships to exercise and job interviews and we have decided enough is enough.

The niggling insecurity and feeling that you don’t quite measure up is something a lot of people can relate to, so we have decided to come up with 5 ways to boost your body confidence.

Our tips
Be your own best friend

Speak to yourself as you would a friend. Imagine your friend was feeling insecure about themselves and how they look. You’d reassure them they’re beautiful and remind them of their many good points.

Don’t confuse perfection and confidence

The notion of perfection is ridiculous because it doesn’t really exist, and we all know those glossy ads in some magazines have been photo shopped so do not compare yourself to them!

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Change your body language

Standing in a posture of confidence, even when you don’t feel it, can actually trick your brain into believing that it is feeling confident, so fake it till you make it!

Shift your focus when you’re exercising

If you like swimming, remind yourself that it’s pretty normal not to feel 100% confident in a swimming costume (is anyone?). Instead, focus on why you like whatever exercise you’re doing and the positive rewards you get from it.

Stop thinking about it

To build body confidence, a good place to start is to stop thinking about it as body confidence. Think of it as general confidence. It’s important not to let your self-worth be dictated by how you feel about your body.

And remember … you’re gorgeous!

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Originally posted 2017-10-11 17:04:35.