5 parenting problems that are unsolvable

New parents are met with a complete obstruction of their life not that we would have it any other way, it’s just a bit of shock to the system!
Worrying about every little thing is one of the biggest challenges to overcome, unfortunately, there are some things that can’t be solved no matter how much or how hard we try.


1) Sleeping through the night

Every baby is different. Your first born may have slept through, never giving you any trouble and only waking when there is something he/she genuinely needs. You are automatically tricked into thinking your second born will be the same but along comes number two and you can’t remember the last time you got three hours of undisturbed sleep never mind the much needed eight. It could even be the case that none of your babies slept through the night, like ever.
The first thing to remember is, it’s not your fault! Some babies genuinely just don’t like sleep but eventually with much trial and tribulation, a baby soon realises sleep is good. No gadget, advice, or old wives tale is going to hurry that up.

2) Breastfeeding

Some women have it easy and most women don’t! There is no worse feeling than being in the maternity ward with your newborn who refuses to latch on while you watch other babies gladly feed with mum. Again, this is not your fault! This is new to baby and new to you and like everything in life practise makes perfect.

3) Temper tantrums

My god no-one can be prepared for these. They spring out of nowhere, can happen anywhere and can last what feels like a lifetime. Unfortunately, this are just part of life with a toddler. How you deal with a tantrum can have many different outcomes, it all comes down to chance really. You can walk away, pretend like you don’t know your toddler, join in or decide to try and bribe yourself out of the situation. Bottom line, the outcome can go anyway. Best to relax and remember it’s not you acting like a mad person be thankful for your cognitive thinking!

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4) Biters

You could spend hours torturing yourself about where the hell this phase came from. It’s not like you and your hubby chase each other around the house biting lumps out of each other but the way other parents look at you when your toddler strikes, you’d swear you were a professional biter. This is just a phase and it won’t last forever. Make sure your toddler knows it is wrong but try not to give it too much attention as you could be then giving it an attention status. Keep your cool, it’s not your fault!

5) Picky eater

This is frustration on a whole new level, especially when family add in their two pieces. Once you know you’ve tried everything you can and your GP isn’t worried, then it is best to relax and let the problem resolve. Making a mountain out of mealtime never works. Be sure to eat plenty of different flavours in front of your toddler, introduce new foods in fun ways and be patient. Never despair, nine times out of ten this is a toddler problem that sorts itself out!

Remember, parental intuition is great thing, listen to what it is saying rather than what your family or experts tell you, most of the time mum and dad know best.

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Originally posted 2015-07-13 16:23:46.