4 YouTube links that will lull your baby to sleep

A lot of children fuss when it comes to bed time. They can either get a second wind and want to keep playing with their favourite people (you) or their routine just isn’t settling them the way it used to. ‘Sleep training’ means literally to train your child to fall asleep under certain conditions, and we all have our favourite ingredients to make the perfect, sleepy atmosphere. That can be a warm lavender bath, a warm bottle, or a nice bedtime story (with not too many funny voices!). But one great way to lull your child to sleep is through music or sounds. Here are some of our favourite YouTube links to help lull baby off to the land of nod.


There’s something so soothing to listening to the gentle patter of rain outside while you’re warm and snug in your duvet, and it’s a similar experience for your baby. Try out this link and see if it helps to lull your baby off. Sometimes pairing it with some gentle lullaby music can create a lovely, relaxing ambiance!

Check out RainyMood here.


When we want a relaxing holiday, the first thing a lot of think of is the beach. I can’t think of anything better than to doze off in the sunshine, listening to waves gently rolling in. When introducing new routines to your baby, it can sometimes take a few days for them to get used to it, so stick with it for a week or so to see the effects.

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Check out Ocean Waves here.

White noise

When your baby is in the womb, the first sense he or she develops is his or her hearing. Your baby get’s to know the sounds your body makes; your heartbeat, you stomach digesting food, the air whooshing in and out of your lungs, and is soothed by those sounds. The closest thing to this noise outside the womb is white noise, or the snowy picture on our TVs when we had no signal (our children may never know this feeling!).

Check out White Noise here.

Classical music

It’s been proven that classical music stimulates brain development in the same way that language, and math does. While your baby can’t experiment too much with numbers and words in the early stages (though you can always talk your baby through counts and point things out through words to build their vocabulary!) classical music is a great way for your baby’s brain to get some exercise.

If used in a relaxing manner, such as in your baby’s darkened room, or at regular nap time, your baby will begin to associate it with sleep and quiet time.

Check out Lullaby with Mozart here.

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Originally posted 2018-02-28 12:04:01.