10 books all children should read

There are some books that never get old. You read them as a child and now find joy in reading them to your child. Some children don’t take to reading as easily as others but with a little encouragement from loved ones and a great book to cozy up with your child will be loving in love with reading in no time.

In order to continue celebrating World Book Day which took place on 3 March we turned to Census Wide. Census Wide survyed over 2,000 parents and these were the top 10 books recommended to have your child read:

  1. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory- Roald Dahlcharlie
  2. Alice in Wonderland- Lewis Carrollalice
  3. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe- C.S. Lewislion
  4. Winnie The Pooh- A.A.Milnewinnie
  5. Black Beauty- Anna Sewellblack
  6. James and The Giant Peach- Roald Dahljames
  7. The BFG-Roald Dahlbfg
  8. A Bear Called Paddington- Michael Bondpaddington
  9. Treasure Island- Robert Louis Stevensonisland
  10. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn- Mark Twainfinn

Harry Potter, Oliver Twist, Charlotte’s Web, also came up in conversation but did not crack the top ten this time.

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Grab a great book for your little one and get to reading!

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