Raising awareness of childhood cancer in Ireland

Raising awareness of childhood cancer in Ireland

The Childhood Cancer Foundation (CCF) have found that while children with cancer in Ireland are cared for by excellent staff, there has been a significant strain on resources which is having a negative effect.

Every year, over 200 children are diagnosed with cancer in Ireland. This equates to an average of four families being given this devastating news every week.

The CCF is an organisation that works to raise funds for, and awareness of childhood cancer, and it is marking it’s first anniversary on International Childhood Cancer Day, which takes place next Sunday on the 15th of February.

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On the 15th of February, gold ribbons (the international symbol of childhood cancer) will be on sale nation wide and we are urged to wear them to help raise awareness.

Gold ribbons will be on sale for €3 in a number of shopping centres nationwide on February 15th.

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