Nearly two thirds of parents have left a venue due to lack of changing facilities

Currently, parents rate Irish baby changing facilities at 5.5 out of 10, the Sudocrem Baby Changing Room Awards want to improve this by showing the standard of facilities parents want when out and about with their family. Recent research revealed that 64 per cent of Irish parents have left a public venue due to a lack of changing room facilities and over 30 per cent have changed their baby on a bathroom floor.

The research also found a lack of support for father’s with over 80 per cent having difficulty finding baby changing facilities in a male bathroom. Furthermore, 85 per cent of parents surveyed said a poor standard will influence whether they return to a venue so becoming more family-friendly, through improving changing facilities will benefit to businesses.

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Sudocrem Baby Changing Room Award Ambassador, actor Simon Delaney says, “As a parent I know first-hand how important good baby changing facilities are. I soon realised that when we were planning a trip out, one of the first things to consider was whether the venue had good baby changing facilities. If they didn’t, we’d choose somewhere that did.”



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Originally posted 2016-07-25 17:20:57.