Calpol’s Let Kids Be Kids

Despite all the nostalgia about the freedom (and hot summers) we had as kids in the so-called innocent Seventies and Eighties, recent research as part of Calpol’s Let Kids Be Kids survey revealed that the majority of today’s parents believed that their children’s childhood was better than their’s.

The research revealed that two in three parents (65 per cent) believed their child’s childhood is better than theirs, largely because there are better educational opportunities (54 per cent), and a bigger range of experiences (41 per cent) and better access to technology (39 per cent). A quarter of parents (28 per cent) claim they spend more time with their kids than their parents spent with them in their childhood.

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Asked what they wish for their children and their future lives, the majority of parents want the same thing” good health (75 per cent), happiness (55 per cent) and a good education (51 per cent) were the top three wishes of parents for their kids.

Calpol is asking parents to submit photos of their children having the time of their lives being a kid. Simply upload to Calpol’s dedicated campaign page

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Originally posted 2016-03-10 11:38:07.